9 Reasons to Learn Python

Why should you learn Python or any other language is totally your call? You may be learning it for fun, job, or skill honing and so on. But if you ask me, I would say that if I will not learn Python today, I may lag behind in the near future.

Java is considered as the king of programming language. However, the trend is changing. All because of data we consume and generate every day i.e. big data. Since the advent of Internet penetration, data has been generated like anything. There is data all around you: your communication, browsing history, IoT, surveys, logs, bank transactions and all. Thus, it is very clear whosoever can remain abreast with the data demands/challenges will remain ahead in the market. Python is one such magic that can help you sustain in the market for long run, because we all know that when it comes to playing with big data, you need Python, like your uncle, at your side.

Not only this, there are other reasons as well that nudge you to learn Python as fast as possible.

  1. Python is easy to learn, thanks to less syntax and almost clutter-free coding.
  2. You have excellent libraries and frameworks to collaborate with it. For example Django for web development.
  3. Python is great for ML and AI algorithms.
  4. Python can be used for classification and cleansing big data. Imagine all big companies cannot survive without big data utilization.
  5. Python is going to overtake the throne from Java and other complicated languages.
  6. Python makes programmers and data scientists life easy.
  7. Great websites like Quora, Netflix, Google, Dropbox and YouTube are using Python.
  8. Automation and monitoring becomes a cakewalk with Python.
  9. It’s free and open-source.

The reasons I have provided may fit well to your rationality, however you can browse the internet for almost an endless reasons to learn Python.

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