Interview with Rohan Ayyar – Regional Marketing Manager India, SEMrush

Kindly tell briefly about SEMrush. How is it beneficial to all types of bloggers and website owners?

All website owners, all bloggers need to market their website and widen their online presence. SEMrush includes distinct toolkits for each of the five basic elements of digital marketing: SEO, Advertising, Social Media, Content Marketing and Competitive Research. These toolkits help websites and bloggers analyze the current state of their websites as well as search visibility of their brand, and run data-driven digital marketing campaigns to bring more targeted visitors to their sites.

How large is the market for SEO?

That’s an irrelevant question! How large is the online market? How large is the market for Google? Google IS the market, right? So as long as search engines like Google exist and people continue to use them, SEO is a necessity for every website out there.

2018 brought a whole new set of changes in the way businesses market their products and services, marketers try to improve their ranking with search engine optimization (SEO). Do you agree with this?

SEO is not a new phenomenon. It has been around for 20 years. Every year, Google makes 500+ small and large changes to its algorithm. This forces marketers to change their SEO tactics frequently. 2018 was no exception.

According to you what SEO trends going to dominate the coming year – 2019?

Changes to SEO don’t come over the turn of the year – they come slowly and surely. With Google’s mobile first indexing firmly in place, smart digital marketers will focus on modifying their content to suit mobile devices. They will also attempt to answer mobile-specific queries through features like voice search. With the rise of Google’s featured snippets, SEOs will try and get users to click more on their results.

Please shed light on SEO’s disrupting Online Marketing Strategy?

SEO is a core part of any online marketing strategy. There is no “disruption” here.

Is back linking still relevant? What are some your tools to create and improve the back linking?

Yes, backlinks are central to Google rankings. Even if Google’s search algorithm keeps changing, your website’s rankings will always depend to a large extent on backlinks.
SEMrush offers 3 tools to analyze your backlinks and create new ones:
  • Backlink Analyzer – A tool that with a database of 700 million sites to help you collect details of every backlink that you or your competitors have.
  • Backlink Audit – Analyzes the backlinks to your site by breaking down their characteristics and helps you make decisions on whether to keep or remove the links.
  • Link Building Tool – Lets you discover new sources for backlinks, reach out to website owners to ask for links, and track your link building efforts.

Brief about SEMrush’s prominent tool and their USP’s?

SEMrush is not just a collection of tools; it has more than 30 tools categorized into 5 prominent “toolkits”:
  • Advertising
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Competitive Research
The USP of SEMrush is that it provides marketers enough data to create, run and analyze their campaigns across digital channels.

Are professional SEO tools and services available in Indian Market?

Yes, tools such as SEMrush are available in the Indian market. They are also priced competitively so that small to medium businesses can take advantage of them and compete with bigger players in the industry. Marketing and advertising agencies are making extensive use of SEMrush in their campaigns.

People are opting for SEO a good career choice. Is it a right choice?

As long as there are people searching on Google, as long as there are websites that want more visitors, SEO is a good career choice!

Any advice you would like to share with bloggers?

Gaining search visibility is a long, drawn out process. But if you stick in there patiently and keep churning out useful content, your chances of success will grow exponentially with each passing day. There is no denying that. Hang in there and keep optimizing!

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