Are You Getting Better ROI without Technographics?

Technographics was around the corner since a decade, but it wasn’t discovered up till a few years back. If you break the word Techno + Graphics = you will get to see technology + data. It means study of tech stack or tech data companies or firms use for internal or external purposes, some common examples are CRM software like Salesforce, SEO tools for digital marketing, and so on. In clear words, marketing and sales companies use a lot of data to study the behavior of a particular segment they are trying to reach. For example, to android phone users you can pitch them for any App. But not to IPhone users.
To gain deeper insights about user behavior and patterns with your marketing efforts, you must be following some particular data sets perfectly aligned with demographics and firmographics. Well, that’s a little better than the traditional sources. What about today’s B2B marketing strategies. Have you ever considered understanding your customer through the analysis of their technology stack?
To help you more, here comes Technographics.
Technographics is a kind of study that will help you to understand what sort of technology a customer is using. Based on their tech stack data or records, you can curate your marketing strategies to approach them.
Technographics is Essential for B2B Marketers for the Following Purposes:
  • Segmentation
  • Preparing firmographic profiles
  • Understanding client pain points
  • Targeted marketing strategies
 Undoubtedly, technographics reinforces your business intelligence.

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