Stop Freelancing, Stop being Poor! Join the Blogging Revolution

A few years ago in Delhi I went for an interview for the position of content writer for the real estate domain. Then, I had good expertise of the same domain because the market, especially of Delhi NCR was booming like anything. And I also used to run a blog on real estate trends happening across the world, thus it sealed my credibility and creativity in that niche. At the interview, I cleared basic HR or fake manager rounds, including a writing test. In discussion with the director of the company it got disclosed that they get the whole work done by a freelancer within a budget of less than 10k INR. I was befuddled and asked politely the director, “If you are so confident about freelancing work, then did you call me for the interview. Were you not able to screen the resume properly?”
Anyway, I left the interview aghast and while travelling home I was thinking about freelancers, who for the sake of working remotely have ruined the market for regular content writers like me. But at the same time, I thought no matter what I will never vouch for a freelancing gig. I hate freelancing and my reasons are justified right below:

Freelancing is Poor Man’s Choice:

In India, people or so called clients think that freelancers mean getting work done from someone at no cost at all. Even if they ask for clarification bully them saying the work was not good or up to expectations. The people on the other side are smarter and cruel with their intensions; they know how to get you into the trap. It will make you feel a poor man – you can earn more money by holding a roadside tea stall – that too working only for a few hours.

Too Many Freelancers are Out in the Market:

Jobless engineers and MBA graduates, frustrated testers and software engineers, students, retired teachers, getting- bored-at-home housewives are all the strong contenders in the ecosystem of freelancers. Surprisingly, there are no strong or ethical marketplaces in India that can connect them dutifully to the needing clients. And when they try their luck at international market, clients from USA and other Western countries, simply don’t prefer them, though they are cheap. Only an Englishman can handle Englishman. In Europe and USA, freelance content writers are making comfortable money, while in India they stoop so low that times they are ready to dole out an article of 500 words at just Rs. 50.

No or Very Less Payment:

It is an open fact that freelancers work at very low prices, for example 0.25 paise per word. That’s so insulting and when as a freelancer your work goes up to or over 10k INR, the client makes sure that you get only half the money. One of my friends was robbed by a Gurgaon-based Media and PR company named Media Mantra – they got the work done from him but didn’t not pay him thinking that he will be in need of the work forever. Clients don’t hold good reputation about freelancers – for them they are like factory workers.
Enough reasons, if not, they are the substantial ones. Well, as a content writer why should you start a blog right now:

Blog Gives You an Identity:

The route of blogging is slightly tough because it requires patience, self-discipline, and a routine. However, after a month or so, you will find it inseparable from your daily life. Mark my words, if you blog honestly for six months and for a decided niche – be it tech or book reviews or health – you are sure to get some space in the blogging ecosystem. The only additional work will be to promote your posts on social media platform at least thrice in a week. The first step of success in blogging is getting less to little fame in your niche…after that people knock your door for help and after doing help for a few months, you can begin charging them for your services.

Blog Gives You Freedom:

Yes, blogging gives you freedom and you can feel like a digital nomad. Pack up your bag, go to your friend or kin’s place, stay there and work on your laptop. However, the only concern is having money till you gain some name and freedom in blogging. Or if you are in crunch situation like me, it is always better to work as a digital marketing executive or SEO guy or get a job in call center and at the same time work on your blog as it is your final venture. Completely utilize your weekends and avoid being socializing unnecessarily until you gain that money-earning name and freedom in your blogging stint.

You Can Bargain Easily:

Once the name in your desired blogging niche is generated, people will send you requests for affiliate marketing programs, sponsored posts, reviews, and so on. And that is your time, now you can tell them about your services and bargain for the services you are doling out. Advice is, start with low prices, don’t be so low that people start taking you for granted, once your name jumps in your niche, hike your prices, and you will be surrounded with work all the time.

You Know your Market Well:

For instance, I started this blog for Big Data, AI and some related technologies, whenever I share the post on Twitter or other platforms, experts from those fields clap and at times share and re-tweet my posts. It boosts up and at the same time, people from the same market niche approach me for their work, and for that I demand money. Continuity in one or related niche gives you the better understanding of the market, thus you can play around with your ideas and influence people. Word of advice –never work for free as a blogger, especially for companies, because these are the same people who exploit freelancers to ruin the market.

Blog Makes You Feel Being Successful:

Imagine leading bloggers from your niche or CEO or CTO from big companies appreciating your work and approaching you for their work. You would instantly feel elated – and that elation is giving you money as well. Imagine…you will never get that praise in your freelancing career stance.
Blogging is thousand times worth than freelancing. Try doing blogging for six months and you may find my words ringing true in your ears. Happy blogging! End the capitalism! Make this world a better place for all.
By Zahid Ahmed

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