Sadhana Who Stalked Her? by Spandana Chakradhar | Book Review

At times you read a novel and feel like investigating it thoroughly. Possibly for two reasons, you have fallen in love with it or want to prove your point of view to none other than yourself.
I had read this book twice. In first attempt, I looked for a new story, which I thought I got. And well before picking it up for the second time, I was dead serious to analysis it from a detective’s point of view, though I am not a Sherlock Holmes.
This is not the first story on that I performed anatomy. Recently, in the same blog there is Six, Five by Binary. That book was a crime thriller too, however, it lacked intensity and soft with criminals, so I was little disappointed. In crime thrillers, suspense and a cast of many characters, to make it look like a web, is quite common. But according to my opinion, the intensity of the overall plot is a major distinguishing factor. Let the obstacles be there, I still love analyzing and dissecting crime/suspense works.
This is a story of Sadhana and it is poignant in showing that crimes on women like sexual assault, stalking, drug abuse and some more are common at some places, no doubt Delhi is one such place. I live there and can feel the pain of the lady. Considering the main theme of the novel is sexual assault on women in India – however, this story has much to do with stalking: it is not a lesser impacting sin.
Given the verdict, stalking is the main aspect of the novel that troubles in and out the lead character Sadhana. But it is a reveling experience to find out the undertones in crime and suspense stories. I found some possible hidden connections within the main story, such as love story i.e. two men craving one woman. Events happening to Sadhana have resemblance to some novel which was unpublished – it was a shocking revelation. Another one is, Sadhana is a lady to be envied by other women. Probably, her beauty and simplicity and elegance were disturbing the homes of other women.
Lastly, I could say that she was more into watching thriller and horror movies and books. As it’s given that after most of the dreadful nights she was found sound asleep or unconscious. So, the effect was taking place in her subconscious mind without her notice. Even some of her close ones labeled her as insane, suffering from mental disease. Drug abuse is also there, does it mean she was taking it herself or someone secretly injecting into her. With so many possibilities, it is hardly to determine what wrath was toiling her. There is a chain of dark activities happening with or around the lead Sadhana. If you think about veracity, I would have suggested the author to change the location of her from Delhi to some other place for some time – this could have changed the course of the novel slightly. Even the story was based on true incident – they need to be spiced up and fictionalized for generating greater amount of interest. See, this genre requires high amount of suspense and thrill to make readers wait till the end, otherwise patience runs out.
To be honest, I found the story challenging to understand at first. But still I would like to give entire credit to the author for weaving such an intense story over predictable and easy-on-nerves stories. Overall rating 4/5

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