Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Since the rise of (all data thing) data science and big data; Artificial Intelligence (along with ML and DL) is always around the corner. Any tech buzz, and there they are strong, good going, and robust. Well, since I know a little bit about Python coding, thus AI knowledge matters for me, but lately I got chance to work on EHR and HIPPA compliance projects. And that was the time when I began rummaging books like AI in Healthcare. I traverse through many, but for my personal tutoring, Parag Mahajan’s book ‘Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare’ (second edition) was the best and simple to refer and use.

This 160+ pages book helped me in understanding ANN and Neural network – as how it works in layers. I have had some knowledge about Python libraries and wanted to use them for building digital healthcare apps like Babylon and so on.

Gaining hands on the book was like getting revised what so ever was taught in AI lectures. This is an eye opener by covering topics like AI in oncology, radiology, ophthalmology, etc.

How can AI benefit the medical field or it is going to be biased or do more error than humans, which result in many deaths every year?  Those who think that AI can eat up the human life and perform like villain-like robots of Hollywood movies in surgeries and medical field; they need to read this book at the earliest. The use of AI is extensive and Parag, being a doctor, himself projected the need of AI in healthcare at the right time.

He has given a plenty of examples to convince the readers, as it is also given that AI is going to hamper the growth of doctors in the near future. Well, the truth is that AI is going to create more jobs in this field and will never make doctors insecure for their jobs.

The concept behind AI implementation is to save time and money of patients and make doctors be available for more urgent cases. Step by step, everything is given, from quotes to myths to use to conclusion. I think this book should be referred by college students too.

In the USA, there is EHR practice, but not in India. Why? Because we are not using AI in the system, rather getting afraid of it. AI is going to speed up the doctor training, provide better assistance in reading images and data, and providing timely help in the cases of emergencies and prescriptions.

In the book, the best part was 5 myths about AI in healthcare. It suggests how rudimentary are we when it comes to accepting new technologies for the whole betterment of the humankind. I doubt whether this book is for non-tech guys, but for tech people it is a big relief. 

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