Not a Different Story by AmyReads | Book Review

The cover page of the story does not ink about the internal story, which is rather painful and intense and tragedies occur in snatches. So, I would like to suggest the author to look for more expressive cover page for his next book. Cover page speaks a lot. Also, the title is bit lengthy and is of nothing great significance. That can also have been improved. ‘Not a Different Story’ is more of a phrase.

Next, in the story and narration – I think that is way finer than the cover and the title. Story of a girl, named Amy. She has been fed that her mother eloped with someone when she was a toddler. She hates elopement and her mother. To make it a strong point on elopement, the author has started the book with a scene of elopement. Amy lives with her father, but by all angles, her life is empty and devoid of basic family love that we often receive or see, for that matter. She finds solace in solitude, and in going college, hanging around with friends, and without saying her best friend Smiriti is her partner in crime.

Soon in some other time, story of Anshika and Akshay takes place. Though Akshay appears in snatches, it’s Anshika who steers the second angle in the book. By all means, Anshika was a way cooler and ahead than her time and others, considering her middle-class family background, which was not so good and high due to many reasons.

The story shuttles between two parallel narrations – Amy and Anshika. What is their connection; you get that cue soon after you enter into the story. To maintain the suspense, the author has kept the names of characters hidden for some time, when he introduces them you will begin forming the links in the chain.

Also, characters of Rajat and Akshay are equally important to make this novel look complete and complicated. I was bewitched by the stubbornness of Akshay; he was the same guy vying for fame through writing. However, at some point his stiffness for no particular reason frustrated me, but after all it’s a fiction, so can’t help, and I felt happy to find that he makes a good comeback in the end. Also, I found Amy in the center stage but more or less she kept on hopping from one conclusion to another – so apt for age. Amy with her friend Smiriti, tries to find put some adventure feel in the novel when they take to rummage home of someone from their college.

The crux of the story lies in hue and cry that happens in every family. In some families, it’s just for fun, while in some it goes to a limit where people die for no apparent reason. But still I would like to make a point that it was the character of Anshika that took my heart away. I liked the beauty of her character and impulsiveness and the madness which she gets just before setting on any crucial decision.

But who she is to Amy? You need to find it out and how they are connected? Writing and story and climaxes are all good, however, I would like to advise the writer to write short stories since they are making headlines and the attention span of life is decreasing, thus, putting everything in short can increase your chances of becoming a bestseller sooner than later. Hope you keep writing and best of luck.

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