Is UX Design Meant for Technical People?

So far, in India, UX design was hidden under various masks. It had been in use since the dawn of the industrial revolution, but in the last some year people have begun identifying it something as UI and UX design. Earlier it was always in use in Industrial Engineering or in Product Engineering, and from time to time it has been referred by different names like Total Quality Management or Product Management and so on.

UX design sounds sophisticated. However, you will be amazed to know that so far it was considered a complete IT career. In fact many companies, prefer hiring software developers for carrying out there product designing roadmaps. So, broadly, UX design is always looked upon as a technical career choice. Also, mostly engineers from Mechanical or software department were getting into it, since they were aware of sketches, mockups, prototyping, and wireframes.

Well, the good news is that the trend is changing and it is into limelight that UI UX design is for all. It is non-IT and non-coding career. Do UX designers code? Generally, no. But they work in close tandem with the coders and other developing members so that the design they create work and give agnostic experience to the end users.

Generally, students, design aspirants, and many other interested do not know how to become a UX designer and why is UX important for businesses nowadays. For the lack of information, they can blame that currently it is not taught or mentioned in our schools and colleges. Even on internet, Indian people are not keen on spreading it, as compared to developed countries.

If the question is how to become a UX designer. Today, you can have the answers. No, I won’t be rolling out any plan or structure for the same. You can read that in Quora or at some good websites like careerfundry, Interaction Design Foundation, and so on. But I would like to add that it does not take much time to become a UI UX designer in India. The basic affinity you need is to have an interest in design and drawing. UX design involves a lot of sketching. So have a piece of paper and a pencil handy for rough and messy sketches.

I can assure you that UI UX designer do not need to learn coding or get into IT engineering. Even someone from B.A. or B.Com or Interior Designing can have a career in this field. Since the rise of Apps and websites and initiatives like Internet for all, Digital India, and the rise of customer experience has made UX design an imperative aspect for businesses. This field will be selective unlike engineering or MBA, because it’s quite creative in its essence.

Hope this article gives you understanding that UI UX design is not meant for tech or IT people. It is for all.

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