What’s the Difference between Web Design and UX Design Career?

Web designers are way different than UX Designers. Both career terms involve ‘design’ in common. However, intrinsically they differ from one another to some good extent. Well, to understand each profile, let’s see both profiles separately.
I won’t indulge in the traditional definition, but would like to say that web designer profile involves technical and graphical skills set. The web designer specifically works for a website or an app that is large enough to provide much work to a web designer. However, since the rise of simple blogging platforms, and subsequently, pre-designed website or blogging templates, the role of a web designer somehow shrunken down and they are in constant danger of job security. But still, you cannot defy their roles in multi-nodal and excessive responsive websites used for trade and transaction and some other database exchange information.
However, a lot of template-based web designing has lowered their values, and they have reduced to marginal roles, like keeping tab on the new releases and updates, website UX design maintenance, UI designing and giving coding to some particular buttons or menus. In the event of large retail and marketplace websites, web designers are in constant touch and demand. People who go for static websites hardly seek any valuable inputs from web designers. The field of web designing is fading away due to rapid technological changes in the wake of cognitive sciences, like AI and ML.
On the other hand, UX designers are part of design thinking and product designing. UX designer focuses on user experience, thus it is way ahead than web designing. UX designing field is on the rise like once web designing was. However, over the time AI-based templates and tiny elements guided by AI may hamper the growth chances of UX designers. In this field, the emerging market is enterprise UX design, as customer engagement is becoming a prime focus of every business vertical.
UX design is relatively a wider field in terms of career quest. As it involves hierarchy like UX designer, UI designer, User Research, Design Architects, and a few more. Both careers are often used interchangeably, however, they are different. Both are somehow related to digital products, one goes up till content and the overall layout, while the other goes deep inside into layers and all tiny elements that have the power to transform the lives of users.
But today no solid trends confirm that web and UX design can be careers of tomorrow. The biggest danger is pre-designed templates. Ironically, pre-designed UI UX website design templates are also designed and executed by web and UX designers to a long extent. Both are included in the IT field context, and in the IT field nothing is permanent or even for long.
People often search online UX UI vs web design and try to figure out which is the best career option. Web and UX designers can both survive for long but the only condition is to keep updating the knowledge regularly.

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