Top 5 Book Review Blogs in India

It is a trend to write a book in India. I know you will not believe but I have seen many people who wrote a short and simple book and published on Kindle and became bestsellers immediately. Also, nowadays, there are hundreds of options available to publish a book of any genre. In the wake of increasing writers in India, there have grown many book review bloggers who read books and provide reviews. But the other side fact is that from nearly 5000 book review bloggers, not all provide deep and analytical book reviews. Thus, in order to help authors and publishers find good, genuine, and quality-oriented book review bloggers, I have compiled a list of top and best 5 best book review blogs in India.

Kevein Books and Reviews:

This blog was started in 2014 by some writers who didn’t find any good book review bloggers to talk about their books. That time in India book review was not that trending because internet penetration was just happening. So they started one.  Anyway, they are totally book-review focused, and sometimes also publish author interviews. In terms of content quality they are the best. Their reviews are long, detailed and complete. They are not into shallow reviews. This blog leads the race of best book reviews in India.

Saby Reviews:

This is comparatively a new blog – almost founded two years ago by Saby Samar, an MA English graduate from the University of Nottingham. She is into books from an early age, this blog has quality book reviews so far. However, the only concern is that this blog is a bit choosy about books it picks up.

Sarath Babu’s Lifestyle Blog:

The owner of the blog is Sarath Babu. On his blog, he writes about various topics (lifestyle being main theme) but among all, he also writes about book reviews, and also sometimes conducts author interviews. His reviews are short and to the point. Visit his website to know more.


This is also a good book review blogger. Their quality is good as compared to others and the person TDS is a kind-hearted blogger. So far, they have covered many books of different genre. You may visit the blog for more information.

Anmol Rawat:

This book review blog is not so old in India. However, as compared to many other new comers, he is a bit good one. The blog is bit off-beat when it comes to daily page views.


Hope the above-listed blogs may help you with your book review promotional activities but the thing is that they all charge some amount of fee for reviews and interviews. But that’s fair as you cannot expect people to promote you for free.

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