Top 10 AI Startups in India

For last some years, we have been seeing a lot happening in the technical landscape of India. The advent of big data and the drastic rise of intelligence in technology has led to the establishment of top AI startups in India. In the wake of this, we keep getting news and updates about the tech trends pertaining to data science, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL).

Over it, sometimes it is Amazon Alexa, Google’s self-driving cars, medical apps and e-wallets, EHR, clickstream, browsing recommendation, bill payment reminders on our apps keep thrilling us. 

This is possible because of artificial intelligence. It notices our moves online and keeps a watch on us, and on many occasions, it reminds us of doing many things. The best examples are found in Netflix, Amazon shopping, bill payment messages on e-wallet apps.

The activities related to AI are not handful. Its gamut is increasing day by day. Yes, we Indians always think that it’s some crazy foreign technology, but now it is spreading across the world. So, even in India, especially in South India, AI based startups are mushrooming like never before. Do you know the reason, why? Because India have millions of high-class software engineers who know programming languages like Python and R, and have skills in data science, big data, RPA, and so on.

In India AI-based startups begin surfacing, all of sudden, post 2015, since then internet was also begin looking a thing of common use. There are all sorts of stats available for the rise of AI in India, for instance, $ 88 million was raised alone in Bangalore for the AI domain. It means some work and share is also happening in cities like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Talking about the approaching 2020, now we have the list of 10 best AI startups in India. Let us see the list. It will help AI enthusiasts and job seekers, alike.


It is a Bangalore-based startup, founded in 2003 with an early investment of $98 million. It majors in analytics services for various business verticals. Their flagship product is NLP powered engine – Maya.


This startup is into digital healthcare. It fosters the growth of healthcare by providing data-driven analytics for medical diagnostic solutions. This is also Bangalore based, and in 2015 they managed to raise $25 million investment.

Mad Street Den:

It is a Chennai-based startup. It serves many customer domains such as IoT, transport, user engagement, online retail, social media, etc. is the company’s prime product for the retail section. This product is being used by many clients across the world. Mad Street Den is a promising AI startup in India.


Haptik is known for providing AI-powered chatbot services to an array of business verticals. Founded in 2013 with $12 million, this Mumbai-based startup has made a good name in the sphere of chatbots. In 2018, this startup got into partnership with Amazon AWS for cloud computing related offerings. To its name, there are many well-known clients like Samsung, Amazon Pay, etc.


In 2015, Flutura was recognized as a promising big data company in India. Based in Bangalore, it is an IoT startup, which majorly plays on big data. They offer big data analytics services for smooth operations to its clients.

Uncanny Vision:

Originated from Bangalore, this AI startup works on DL-oriented vision algorithms to come up with surveillance solutions to its clients. Uncanny Vision has wider scope in smart homes, smart cities, retail, and, banking.

Its flagship product is Vega, which helps in simplifying things for other AI companies and help in automating tasks for domains like banking, retail, healthcare, and oil and gas. This company has grown to the UK and Singapore, though it is Mumbai-based.

Founded in 2017, it’s a Delhi-based startup. This company holds expertise in automation in HR systems and procedures. They build highly advanced cognitive offerings for messaging, chatbots, ticketing, and employee engagement, and so on.


Founded in 2015, with an investment of $ 2.5 million, Niki.Ai is mainly into chatbots and online assistance. It suggests better price and products to users over chatbot interfaces.

Signzy: This company was founded by IITs, in 2015. They offer banking and financial solutions, digital onboarding is their flagship service. In making banks digital for all operations, this has a lot on offer. KYC is one such thing which they do for banks and financial institutes.

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