Is Content Writing a Good Career Option Still?

I have been into content writing for over 7 years now. When I was new to this field in 2011 – 2013, I was quite young and positive about everything. However, now I repent having chosen it as my career.

As I started working from one company to another, I found that who got no jobs outside (in the market) as per their skills, like MBA or Ph.D. or Engineering Graduates, they take content writing as a gap career. In that, the value of a passionate content writer goes down ultimately.

Also, all companies have the need for writers, but they are not mentally prepared to pay over a decided slab. I mean to say there are some careers that do not grow vertically, rather cease to grow after some time. And content writing is one such nasty career. After working for 5 to 6 years, you will be a knowledgeable person, but companies will treat you like a just another employee. Getting monetary value in this field is really tough.  

In my case, I started my career at 15K and even today it is not over 35K. Imagine the frustration. Because companies are getting cheap manpower. And who all are they? They are unemployed or job searchers or fresh graduates looking to mint some money. So, companies automatically chose smart English speakers over deep and logical writers. Also, freelancers are going to any extent to land up a contract. However, the concept of freelancing writing is going down because of dishonesty and poor writing skills.

In writing, only people with exceptional writing skills make money and they need to be associated with reputed magazines and newspapers. But that demand is very less. Moreover, the people working in pure journalism have the degree of Mass Com from very reputed universities or studied abroad.

Anyway, the discussion is of content writing. Well, today if you want to get into some career without having MBA or Medical or Engineering degree, the good advice is to polish your existing skills and try learning some new things where you can have a good career for longer time. Here goes the list:

UX Design – though it is not so new career option, you can make a reasonable growth and get into some big IT companies. However, keep updating, don’t just stick to graphic or visual designing.

Technical Writer – this is nearly a good career option, as all IT companies need to have a tech writer for their internal documentation, and also for their knowledge base section. However, for that, you need to know some basic programming and must be aware of software like Adobe, Invisio, DITA, and XML. The more technologies you know, the better you have exposure and career chances.

Data Science – If you can learn anything related to data science, I am sure you will get into a good career eventually and chances of getting jobs abroad become brighter. Data science is vast, so you can learn about a host of career options like Data Science with R or Python, Data Analyst, Business Intelligence. Some of the basic requirements for this field are elementary knowledge of stats and good knowledge of R, Python, NoSQL, SQL, and Excel. You can learn all the basics about these through YouTube or Apps before taking the serious course.

I may not have covered many other career options, well I would like you to explore online and talk to experts in various fields. Do not be impulsive about your career.

Word of advice – if you are a good content writer with a good share of creativity, well then start a blog on WordPress, work on it for a year or so dedicatedly, and then you will start earning eventually.

And careers to avoid:

  • Digital marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media Expert/Executive
  • Community Manager
  • HTML/CSS/WordPress developer
  • Graphic and Visual Designer
  • Video Editor
  • Technical recruiter

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