Million Muskmelons by Parag Suresh Mahajan | Book Review

During my school days, I have had to fight for one question’s answer very often – who is your role model? For a kid, who has not seen anything substantial in his life so far, except parents and friends and relatives, how can one answer the question without any knowledge? Like a mugged-up parrot, I would blurt “Mahatma Gandhi”. And I didn’t know the reasons well, as why he became my role model, without knowing anything about him. That was funny!

We get role models when we come out of school or college ecosphere, because at that time we strive to go ahead in life, and keep someone in our mind – an image of a person from the corporate world or a book or movies. We always try to succeed like someone else. For example, people, after the Internet revolutionized the world, started talking about Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and of course Elon Musk.

So, my stance is that I don’t want to become an Elon Musk. But this man keeps intriguing me. I like him for his eco-friendly inventions or business leaps. The fact is that I knew very little about him through Google and regular news. Something consolidated, in one pack, came to me through this book Million Muskmelons by Parag Suresh Mahajan, MD.

After going through the book and making notes, I now feel confident about Elon Musk and may deliver a lecture to any ignorant about him for hours. Who is Elon Musk, can we become like Elon Musk, what all companies he founded and so on…? It is all well covered in the book. The author seems like quite influenced by him and wishes to be one like him…that’s what I felt.

Did Elon Musk found PayPal or Tesla or SpaceX – you can get all the answers via this book. No matter what is what, but one fact is a solid fact that Elon Musk is great in his work, and his ability to think above the normal barriers make him so deserving. I don’t wish to reveal his business ventures, but even if you become one percent like him, believe me, you can turn the tables in life anytime. After reading this book, I feel less tired in my work as compared to previous days, as I know there is this chap, Elon Musk, who works relentlessly. So, what if I cannot be him, but let me get some inspiration from him. I would love to follow him, to succeed in my blogging career. I think my career goals are very much achievable, if he can think of colonizing Mars and show the world electric cars. I enjoyed this book, since it sounded more like fiction, than a documentary. For Elon Musk fans, this book is a gala-gala time.

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