Intellipaat Live Streaming: Skills Needed for a Career in Artificial Intelligence

Lately, I was a part of the live streaming of Intellipaat career guidance on AI. I got into, just like million others, I also thought let’s try peeping inside the requirements needed for AI – it is heading like never before and where it will go is nearly impossible to put until you are familiar with a lot of science fiction novels.

The speaker started really well, with great gusto. He had around 15 years of experience in the field. People, like me, kept pinging for fees and other details. However, after some time the enthusiasm seemed to fade away. Do you know why? The speaker wasn’t confident as what is AI and how can people make a career into it. I was part of the audience. Nevertheless, I continued with the live streaming. I knew he was blabbering…but I was out for some great secret that can help me make a career into it. He said a lot of things: salary, job scope, demand, and much more. Well, I got attentive when he came to the knowledge and skills part. As I knew since a long time that it is a technical field. But at the same time, I was enthusiastic about databases and now learning about them smoothly. Is that enough? Just databases and you are there – earning a fat salary.

The answer I got from the live streaming was ‘No’. Coming to the point, if you are serious about making a career in AI, well you need to have the knowledge of the following.

  • Good knowledge of mathematics – go back to your 10 to 12th class syllabus. That much is at least needed.
  • Good working knowledge of statistics.
  • Good working knowledge of Python and R for playing around with data sets.
  • And don’t forget to learn about SQL
  • Additionally, be ready to learn about basic ML algorithms and Tableau and Power BI to make models of data for business insights.

A career in AI is a serious task. It can never be easy like UX or Visual design or content writing. Even if you miss the mathematics part, still the knowledge of databases has to be in the first place. I can’t kid with myself if I want to become one sort of a guy working in the AI field. Right?

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