Should I Use PyCharm for Python Programming?

Since I began learning about data science some time back, I got obsessed with Python and its coding environment. I always thought that data science is all about Python because it is easy to learn. However, later on I discovered that Data Science with Python is just one field. The field is as vast and as extensive like an ocean. It all depends on you – what and how much you want to learn.

Well, for someone learning programming, one must have a good and basic knowledge about coding environment. I mean – a place where we practice coding. Those places are called environments and in technical term as IDE: Integrated Development Environment. As a new comer, my initial searches online were what is PyCharm, how to use PyCharm, what is Jupyter IDE, etc.

Today, I am going to share my knowledge, so far what I have gathered, on PyCharm. PyCharm is an IDE. It is better than normal text editors and browser based IDEs like Jupyter. In fact, you can run Jupyter code in PyCharm, but not the vice versa.

Should I use PyCharm for programming Python?

Jetbrains owns PyCharm. As a new programmer of Python, I must say you should. Benefits are great.

  • PyCharm can be installed on a plethora of operating systems – be it Microsoft, Linux, McIntosh, etc.
  • It is all the more good because new learners can opt for open source version, which is free. Though it also comes in paid one – that is good for developers of IT industry.
  • It can be installed very easily. And it supports Python development directly.
  • There comes a lot of features, like plugins, customization, and so on. In fact, programming is fun with it.
  • It can be used with web frameworks like Django.


Which is better PyCharm or Jupyter?

PyCharm is better as it allows you to do code completion in a better way. Offers good features like find and replace, a variable explorer, and tools for project development and management. Also, you may run Jupyter notebooks in PyCharm. I felt PyCharm is like WordPress when it comes to plugins and customization.

Well, to set up PyCharm, you must have Python 3.x. installed in your system. For beginners, this IDE is highly recommended.

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