What is Legacy System in Technology?

Legacy is a common word we come across often with reference to stories or personalities, like the legends of Bhagat Singh and so on. However, even in the tech world this word is used something like this – Legacy System. It means a lot. Let’s understand it in simple words.

Legacy System roughly describes the tech or software stack of any firm or big organization. You must have seen, while working, that a company keeps uniformity in using software suits, applications, computer hardware, etc. And when the new substitutes or upgrades are available, and the company does not go for it, it means the company is stuck with the legacy system.

For example, many organizations left MS Office suite for Ubuntu free versions. However, nowadays legacy system is not in use so much, because technologies change quite fast and new solutions like ERP, database management, cloud computing are cost effective and save a lot of time from troubleshooting and in-house troubles.

Legacy System was an old belief which cannot be forced on to the new face of Information Technology. Nowadays the trend of Legacy System is fading away, let’s look into some of its disadvantages.

  • Maintenance cost
  • Training cost
  • Data theft or loss issues increase because of in-house storing
  • Compatibility issues, especially for offshore or service outsourced companies
  • Conservative outlook
  • Produces challenges for UX and UI design
  • Design thinking implementation obstacles

It’s always advisable to embrace the new technologies whenever situations fit well. Otherwise bigger the company, bigger is the legacy system challenge.

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