Can I get a Job with CCNA?

The Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) certificate has become the most popular IT certificate in the world. The main goal of the certification is to develop the right capabilities to enable the rapid implementation of technology in today’s demanding network environment. A CCNA certificate proves that you can rely on necessary networking skills.

CCNA Certification Concentration Paths

Once you have obtained the required CCNA certification, you can specialize in one of three different paths that provide you with the knowledge, skills, tools, and resources to accelerate your career. Three options are:

CCNA security includes troubleshooting and monitoring of network devices to ensure data and network availability, integrity, and confidentiality. A ccna engineer jobs can work as a security administrator, network security specialist, or network support engineer.

CCNA Voice is a course that provides networking professionals with VoIP skills, including IP telephony, IP PBX, telephone, voice mail solutions, and call control.

CCNA Wireless includes the use of Cisco devices to configure, deploy, and support wireless LANs. CCNA Wireless Expert is qualified as both a Wireless Project Manager and a Wireless Support Specialist.

Prove you’re a Qualified Candidate

A recent Cisco survey conducted by Forrester Consultants has shown that training and certification programs are an essential part of recruiting and hiring staff for specialized network roles. It has also stayed found that after completing a four-year diploma as a prerequisite for professional qualifications, the vocational qualification takes a fraction of a second. Certificates were 49% and 51%, making CCNA certification one of the factors that managers abuse to find the best aptitude.

Discover a Unique Learning Network

The Cisco Learning Network is the first of its kind to use the social network as a widely used learning platform. It is a Web 2.0 community that includes wikis, blogs, collaboration, document sharing, and more. The system offers a wealth of services to anyone looking for training and certification, simulation labs, action plans, company internships, job opportunities, employee attitudes, and referrals, mentoring, and more. The Cisco Learning Network remains planned for people with different levels of knowledge and experience who are interested in a career in the network.

Knowledge and Experience

Of course, the certification process increases your awareness and level of experience. The number of years consumed in the field does not matter. One thing is sure; you will learn new things that will help you take your career to the next level. The certification process will bring some progress in the industry.

Career Progress

Adding certificates to your CV or resume can increase your chances of advancement. CCNA certification is recognized worldwide, which means that your work remains relevant in almost every place where you work. Who knows, you can even receive a salary increase after receiving the certificate.

Benefits the Employer

Ask any employer who confirms that certified professionals can work in the competitive information technology field. A certificate informs your employer that you have the necessary knowledge and skills.

CCNA Salary Expectations

The demand for CCNA specialists has increased dramatically since July 2011, which has had a positive effect on the salary expectations that CCNA-qualified individuals can expect. Currently, the average salary of CCNA is £ 38,000, an increase of 5.55% over the same period last year. If you are just starting out with a CCNA qualification and little experience, your base salary is likely to be £ 27,500. For those with more experience, salary expectations may increase to about £ 52,500 in addition to the CCNA qualification.

Top Locations to Optimize your CCNA Salary

As with most skills and professions, the highest CCNA salaries remain found in London. However, other critical areas for top CCNA salary expectations include Surrey, Berkshire, West Midlands, and Yorkshire.

Ways to Boost your CCNA Salary

A great way to increase your CCNA salary is to look in to further Cisco training such as the professional level CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) or the expert level CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) or CCDE (Cisco Certified Design Expert).


The increasing sophistication of network technologies suggests a worldwide shortage of skilled network specialists, which is reason enough to start a career in the network. With Simplilearn, you can begin CCNA certification training, which is done by certified specialists with many years of experience.

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