A Journey in Search of Happiness by Ramya R. Moorthy | Book Review

As I have been so much into fiction genre that whenever I look at any other book which is not fiction, I automatically consider it a self-help book. However, there is huge difference among sub genres like of psychological and philosophical and spiritual and motivation, etc. I came to know of it after a decade of reading experience. And by hard core readers these books are generally looked down as they are considered less on delivering pleasure. Remember read for pleasure…right?

But I would like to dissect the idea by a bit revelation. Philosophy is about understanding life, the universe and everything; while psychology focuses more just on life. That way psychology is considered more mundane. And spiritual is about self-realization and favoured by staunch believers. Thus, where does self-help books fit…they are the like lamp posts. You know that you have to walk straight on your way, however, the darkness of ignorance is underpinning your confidence, so you need light. They guide us. I know what to do but still need some credible nudge and a motivational force to implement. That’s the role of self-help books in our lives. They are mundane but needed.

In the similar hopes I picked up this book – A Journey in Search of Happiness by Ramya. I think I liked the title and I knew it would lead to me somewhere. What was my journey? I didn’t know until I got influenced by the assumptions and theories presented by this thin book. I knew money matters, so I thought about changing jobs and countries for the sake of it. That was a little about my past. Then someone influenced me to rather keep the work doing that I liked. I did that. I got happiness and of course money and local fame and immense satisfaction. So why did I read this book. I read it to testify my stance and when I tallied I found myself into a happier version. I am glad that the teachings of the book matched my tenacity. It was big relief.

Those who are still out in the fog and searching for money in the guise of happiness must avail this book and get themselves lead to a place which is meaningful and puts you in the shackles of a positivity.

The reviews and blurb may say about only five principles about life, however, the deep delve will take you the bedlam of the knowledge, like of the horizon, ever expanding, and never ending.

In the end, I would like to say it as a phenomenal book that shows us how to change our life, and achieve real happiness.

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