It Just Required One Step by Saif Israr|Book Review

I liked romance fiction and love stories which promise a bowl full of other actions such as adventure, hide & seek, war, struggle and battles over the sheer drama and melancholy and weeping for the cursed fate. Pride and Prejudice is a bestseller even today, however, there is hardly any action it. Love stories cannot be so simple…just talking, brooding, and imagination, and copulation, etc. There are love stories that are great owing to the battlefield backdrop such as A Farewell to the Arms by Hemingway, Homeport by Nora Roberts, and Winter in Madrid by C.J. Sansom.

I am a romance fan if the novel promises love story in the backdrop and action in the face of it. From India, finding such one book is like finding a pearl from the Indian Ocean. Thankfully…I have a book to share with you guys that has caught my attention because of the adventure and action it held over the love feelings. It Just Required One Step by Saif Israr is one such book that has a mélange and farrago of feelings to make it a bold read. Political action, college adventures, family drama, and melancholy of being in love and pressure from the society for caste and religion. It has all in one go. Single-handedly, it is a story of Samar – this guy gets into politics, love, and friendship at one go. Will he survive the test of the time? Will he get love with Nupur (another lead protagonist)? Many more doubts and questions arise when the novel reaches midway.

Samar is seen too busy a character. He does not realize when people around outpaces him. He gets the punishment and privation. The core action in the novel is politics of North Indian city Allahabad. Just for the political gain, a lot of commotion rises up like a smoke in the open sky. And Samar gets ensued in the feud for bad and good. His personal story becomes interesting. He staggers here and there but nothing concrete seemed working for him. He becomes everything – target, victim, attention seeker, lover, and what not.

For me the presence of Samar in the novel brought me action and drama and I truly relished it. Though not of that level of Nora Roberts or Hemingway or Daniel Steel, but still I got my share of joy and pleasure and experience from this novel.

Saif has done a fair job with the novel. He managed to impress the first set of his readers with spiced up plot and sub themes.

You can buy the novel from Amazon India.

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