Stories of Us by Bobby Sachdeva | Book Review

Simple yet effective collection of 41 short stories! The plus side is that I finished reading the book in a few hours on a train journey. The only pitfall is that the writing is very simple; had it been laced with some phrases and twists of words, it could have been more engrossing and effective.

The day-to-day life and events that spiral out of our habits are not that great. We as humans, as a society of Indians is indulged into wrong doings, the level is so much higher that we care nothing about a person dying or eaten alive by stray dogs. We just care for our clothes and flats and luxuries. The author’s choice of picking up the topic, which is society, is worth praise. The stories range from 1 to 3 pages, with morals, and a few questions to follow. Stories based on Godmen are indeed eye-openers.

Except a few stories, I normally enjoyed rest of the book. My favourite one is The Pagli Girl: my heart cried out for her plight and circumstances. But also sad that we as humans ignore them at the first sight when we are accosted by them.

The nakedness and stigma in our society is not a new thing, but the saddening thing is that no one is even cared to correct that. It should have to start from somewhere. The author has made it a kind of initiative for all of us. Glad, I came across the book. Here onward I would think about this book before ignoring any pleading hands or teary-eyed face. Mr. Sachdeva has already paved on a good way of writing career. If taken good care, and if he comes out with a few novels, well then no sooner than later he will be a household name. I liked the book and its content. The book is full of pieces of wisdom and experiences about our dwelling place called society.

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