Mobile Game Review: Mini Militia

Have you ever wondered what makes a smartphone smart? If you take out the applications out of the mobile – a stocky showcase is left. Yes, I mean to say applications or commonly referred as Apps are the lifeline of smartphones. It will be tough to imagine a fully-functional lifestyle if someone eliminates the presence of smartphones from our lives – they are critical to our day-to-day chores and many activities. From ordering food to booking tickets for movies and travelling and everything in between, we all need smartphones. The devices are programmed so intelligently that we call them smartphones, and we users feel like being smart humans, even though they force us into a sedentary lifestyle. Anyway, all is well for trending technologies.

It’s evident that mobile phones run on applications, be it Android or iOS (Apple). Every mobile user has a specific set of needs and a story running in their mind, which further actuates them to use their mobile phones accordingly. If you conduct a survey on mobile phone usage, you will find ‘applications used’ data vary from one individual to another. That is quite possible because of needs and human nature. Apps that are useful for scientists or geologists may prove futile to sportsperson or to laymen, who is more into entertainment videos. Similarly, the apps that I use for a gamut of daily activities, for sure, differ from my friends to family members.

For me, my smartphone works well as a watch and an alarm clock. More than FB and Twitter and Quora notifications, I check for time before retiring and earliest as I get up. Like millions of people, I too use smartphones and from time to time go for updates and run security checks. I use various kinds of applications on my phone i.e. to check weather, pay bills online, book tickets, entertainment, and to play simple games like Candy Crush, NFS, Golf, Cricket, etc. when I am getting super bored at places like railway station, air-port, market, and so on. I also have a Kindle on my phone – but I read books when I find ambience suitable and conducive.Online shopping is also one of the tasks that I take through apps, thus it should not be excluded from the list.

I think nearly hundreds of apps are updated and released every day. The market of mobile apps is growing like anything – be it any kind of mobile device – you can download the apps as you desire. But the most trending apps are of games, kids and adults go crazy for them. Google’s Playstore is like an ocean – Apps galore there. Ironically, you cannot have all the apps in one mobile. You can take it as both – limitation or miserability. However, on the other hand, you can come here anytime and keep updating your apps at the touch of button, without any hiccups.Apps are great invention and without them anyone may feel groped in some stone age.

Despite the great usability of apps, I found some gaming apps utterly boring and waste of time and also didn’t find them good on humanity ground. Basically, those are war or sanguinary games app. Mini Militia is one such app that I got to know when I purchased my second smartphone some years back. I didn’t like it at all and I think it should be removed from the app ecosphere immediately, though in support my reasons vary.

Personal reason:

I tried playing this game many a time – offline and online – but everytime I was shot down in a matter of few minutes. The best part that suited me was of a sniper – I would hide in a cave or underground and wait for enemies. But even then, I was too slow at shooting. I played this game with a group of my friends and office colleagues, but I was never able to impress anyone. Gaming apps that pull you down, obviously you are not going to like them.

Technical reason:

I didn’t like the interface of the game, though I wished to remain alive in the UX part. Also, the sound of weapons and shooters dying here and there was terrifying – it reminded me of war movies. The versions of this game come every day. While playing in a group, I got to know that my version is the least updated, thus I am losing my points every time. Some advanced players have learnt some techniques about the game and they maneuvered the game and always won the levels. I mean to say the interface and basics of the game were vulnerable to hackers and smart gamers.

Humanity reason:

A close look reveals that these kinds of games are promoting blood and war,no particular skills.And those who played it too much grew aggressive in behavior, and their eyes turn bloodshot red because of the intensity.According to a report, too much obsession into war-kind games reduces the compassion level in our hearts and we tend to grow selfish.

Other than games apps, I found most of the applications on my mobile friendly and useful in day to day life. Imagine school children getting too much into mobile games, a time will come when they will hardly recognize the importance of outdoor games and other physical activities.Government should look into the matter.Sanguinary games like Mini Militia should be taken into consideration before they are released into the market for all.

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