What is a Confluence UX Design?

Confluence is a French term and it means meeting of two or more rivers into one. Broadly, the word means an act of processing or merging two or more entities to form one.

Confluence of Technologies

The term confluence is also applicable in technologies. As nowadays, merging of one technology into another is taking place quite rapidly which is continuously transforming the business landscapes across the globe. For instance, digital wallets, In India first it was Paytm one of its kind. Well, now most of the e-wallets are directly linked with bank accounts and the way they are used is also undergone changes. It is to be noted that digital wallets are merging into another technologies – the basic function will be same but the way users interact is going to be a lot easier than earlier. And this paves way for a different sort of user experience (UX).

UX Design Process is Changing

If you are into UX or Design Thinking (DT) for over a long period of time, you must have noticed that this (UX design) is becoming banal and trying to follow a set of fixed rules laid out by some industry people. Is that still relevant?

You bet! UX design is no more conventional process – rather it has to join hands with some trending technologies that are still in the nascent stage. What technologies? AI, ML, DL – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and IoT to some extent.

Data-driven Technologies Affecting UX & UX Design

Let’s take an example, man got computer – it became personal computer (PC). And now – Apple Siri, Alexa, and more – what can I do for you? Technology getting into your personal space and it is reverently called Personal Assistance.Who is behind this transformation? It is AI and its allied sisters.

According to hot Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, systems learn by itself on the data they produce, so UX needs to be versatile…isn’t?

Next big thing is ‘Big Data’. Businesses study data to drive value from it and based on that they build products. And for products to be successful, they need great UX. The combination of AI and Big Data is changing the way people interact with systems, ultimately HCI is at the receiving end. One more big reason, is that during the first industrial revolution, UX was more of like an advanced version of human perception, well now it is a digital revolution, which is fuelled by data and its value. Nowadays, most of the products and services where interface matters or act as a point of interaction – they are all value-driven, not object-driven.

It is Time to Change

Hence, the time of rigid UX is gone. Earlier an UX designer has to wear multiple hats to design an interface for a webpage or mobile app, and for that he/she needs to carry out user research, persona building, information hierarchy, and much more. Well, at present, they can design better UX only and if they are data literate.

It is data that fuels the life in the magical automation of AI and ML and DL and IoT. So, how does a UX designer can build robust UX if not well acquainted with the data trends or ignoring the tech trends?

So, confluence UX design is a new industry parameter. If interfaces have to be working in the favour of people, UX folks need to be compatible with the latest technologies which essentially thrive ahead in collaboration with cognitive abilities and Human-machine interaction. It is the need of the today.

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