A/B Testing in Dry Run in the Design Thinking Process

Dry Run is the last stage of the 5D process in Design Thinking. Dry Run is an iterative process and it involves various methods, types, and tools for testing.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B Testing is a part of a Comparative Method. It is done via two variants, such as A and B. thus, it is called A/B Testing. It is also known by Split Testing because it is done in two parts.

In this testing, two variants A and B are tested by users. Based on the feedback collected, analysis is run to understand which version is the best, and what the potential flaws are in the less liked design of the product.

A/B Testing is quite common among digital marketers to understand the conversion rate of the people visiting their websites or landing pages.

In fact, A/B Testing has changed the landscape of online market.

Before deciding on any design of the website, app, or any software application; stakeholders put the designs for A/B Testing.

A/B Testing is not only meant for static design prototypes, rather it can be used on already running/live websites and apps.

You must have seen landing pages or apps and websites in beta version. It means the product is being live. User behavior and inputs are being recorded for deciding on the final design. The most common examples are E-commerce websites.

A/B Testing can be used for the following:

  • Websites/Landing Pages
  • Mobile Applications
  • Server Side APIs

Example of A/B Testing

To understand it further, let’s take the example of two E-commerce websites, named as A and B.

What’s common in both websites?

  • Both A and B are equally popular.
  • Their inventory and the product catalog are same.
  • Their prices are almost same.
  • Both were established at the same time.

However, A gets millions of visitors every month. On the other hand, B receives less than a million visitors per month. This difference in visitors was also the reason for the revenue difference.

To find out the difference, E-commerce website B went for A/B Testing with the help of some external help.

The results stated that A has a proper section of FAQs and Shipping Policy. While this website B has no FAQs and their Shipping Policy was not clearly visible on the website.

The website B was aware of their flaws. However, they didn’t pay attention to it unless it was pointed by the users through A/B Testing.

A/B Testing helps in understanding the desirability and usability of a product’s design. Thus, A/B Testing is considered an important type of testing in the Dry Run phase.

Aesthetics and usability are two different coins of a product. There has to be harmony between these two terms, otherwise without good usability is more prone to failure, no matter how appealing it looked.

By applying A/B Testing technique, businesses can find out as what can work for them and what may not.

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