10 Average YouTube Channels for Learning Data Science Online

Data Science is a multi-disciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from both structured and unstructured data. Data Science is related to big data and data mining. Data Scientists are in high demand these days. You can learn Data Science from various sources. It can be classroom training, online training, learning from a Youtube channel or some blogs/documents.

Data Science involves different skills like R language, Python, Hadoop, SQL, Machine Learning, AI, etc. So, to learn Data Science or the associated skills, one needs to learn it from different channels that are famous for that particular skill. Some of the best YouTube channels for learning Data Science are:

  • Data Incubator: This is a Youtube channel about Data Science education. It has various videos to make your base on Data science. They publish 9 videos in a year. It has 5.76K Subscribers.
  • Data Science Dojo: This channel has tutorials, community talks and courses on data science and data engineering. It posts 1 video per week usually and has 44.1K Subscribers.
  • DataCamp: It helps companies answer their most challenging questions by making better use of data. It posts around 48 videos yearly and has 87.4K subscribers.
  • Sentdex: It will help you to learn Python and Machine Learning which are important skills to be a Data Scientist. It has Python programming tutorials. You can also learn about machine learning, finance, data analysis, robotics, web development, game development, etc. It posts 1 video weekly and has 785K Subscribers.
  • Data School: It focuses on the main topics first. It offers in-depth tutorials that help us to understand the concepts properly. It posts 4 videos yearly and has 120K subscribers.
  • Semicolon: It explains difficult topics in a very simple way. Topics like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Analytics, Python and STL in C++. It posts around 2 videos in a year. It has 16.7K subscribers.
  • Data Science Tutorials: R language is one of the important skills to be proficient in Data Science. This channel goes through R for its programming and statistical analysis technique. It posts videos daily and has 13.8K subscribers.
  • MyStudy: It is a great channel for machine learning, Python pandas and Data Science. It has tutorials for deep learning, neural network, beautifulsoup, Matplotlib, etc. It posts single video monthly. It has 6.66K subscribers.
  • Data Science by Arpan Gupta IIT, Roorkee: Through this channel, one can learn R, python programming, data science, machine learning, AI. It also helps you to know R or python code. He uploads 5 videos per day and has 4.7K subscribers.
  • 365 Data Science: This channel will help you in solving biggest problem in Data Science. It posts 1 video monthly and has 54.8K subscribers.

Different channels are created for different skills. These different channels are specialized in different skills and will help us to boost our Data Science knowledge. By learning Data Science skills from the above channels, you can become a master in Data Science. You will get a good salary package by the top companies if you become a good Data Scientist.

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