2 Base Reasons Why Freelancing Flopped

There is huge work to be done by freelancers and there are countless freelancers in every field. However, there is no harmony, and this field still looks as insecure and frustrating as it was decades ago. Even with the power of internet marketplaces and connectivity, there is no smoothness in this field, especially among freelancers from developing nations like India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc. Why is it so that freelancers from around the world aren’t happy with the system of freelancing? This post sheds light on some of the painful reasons.

Higher Expectations:

It’s way human to expect more for less. Thus, freelancers around the world dream of becoming rich while doing very less work. Because for them it’s smart working. No one wants to consider his/her experience or hands on expertise, the only thing matters is to earn as much as possible in lesser time so that one can enjoy life at the fullest and roam around the world like an eagle.

On the other hand, clients who outsource their work on different service marketplaces and freelance portals want to spend less but want to gain more. Here emerges the morally incorrect conflict point. Problems start when greed interfere; freelancers think of doing less work, and clients think of gaining maximum advantage from the hired freelancers. This problem has no solution as greed will never take a backseat. Perhaps strong professionalism may trample it.

From my life I would like to share an experience on the same lines. A real-estate firm in New Delhi called me for the post of content manager. When I went and cleared their selection process, I told them about my expectations, it was around 45k/month, but I was astonished to hear this logic: our freelancer writer writes 60-70 articles per month at the cost of only 12k. That time I felt two aspects: either the world is very competitive or that bloody freelancer is a mute fool. That’s why I never try for freelance projects, because clients bully a lot. On the other side, there are hundreds of thousands of freelancers who are willing to render their services at unimaginable lower cost. This move by those freelancers put other good skilled freelancers into financial humiliation.

Lack of Authentic Service Marketplaces:

Just type ‘freelance content writing jobs’ and your search engine will flood you with hundreds of websites. They will all assure you a lot of work and a promise to make you a millionaire soon. And you optimistically join it only to feel snubbed and frustrated. Why? The clients there – who post job descriptions and deadline and payment criterion over there literally sound morally corrupt souls. In India, once ‘Contentmart’ was gaining prominence online; however, the clients there expected dozens of well-written articles only in 100 bucks. That’s a matter of shame for that service marketplace that allowed such corrupt clients thrive there. Anyways, Contentmart is shut. It happens, in the first place, because the service marketplace is itself a corrupt place, and second it has no system to check such malpractices. A marketplace should decide the standard rates, and should also take in quality freelancers only. Otherwise clutter doesn’t give business.

Do you know the inside story? These service marketplaces have discouraged freelancers across the world more than providing work chances. Think before you put your morality, career, skills and future growth at stake. For writers, blogging is the best work they can do for themselves. Write for yourself and get everything.

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