Will a Content Writing Internship be Helpful for Getting a Job in the Future?

The answer is No. Content writing internship holds no value in the corporate world. From my experience, I was working in a UX design curriculum company in Pune. The company had low budget for digital marketing and content writing. So they used to hire or get interns. However, on the other side, they would always lambaste the writers for inefficiency and lack of detailing. Plus, there was no good senior editor or writer or manager who could guide them. For both it turned out to be a time idling place. In the end, interns part away gloomily.

For content writers, to get into job, it is not the internship that will work for them, rather these aspects:

  1. Good grammar knowledge
  2. Good reading experience
  3. Awareness of basic knowledge that affects the writing process of any writer
  4. Immense writing practice on multiple niches
  5. Exposure to personal blog or association with others. This also works as a reference and sample writing.

The last tip is whenever you go for a job application, the HR and the concern manager will make you write an article or so to check your inherent writing capabilities.

So in a nutshell, content writing is all about writing the stuff. Give a second thought before getting into this profession, because in long term it requires immaculate mettle and never-tiring consistency.

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