Is Starting My Own Blog Better than Working as a Content Writer for Another’s Website?

This is a bit tricky question, as I would like to ask if you do not work for someone else, well how will you learn the hacks and techniques about blogging. See, there are two ways to get into blogging. First, do research online, follow successful bloggers, and read and see blogging-related videos and much more. By just reading, you will get the knowledge, say around 40 percent.

In the second case, if you work in a company or with some other bloggers, there you will have live exposure and chances of learning blogging are sure. I began my blogging career when I came in touch with bloggers and SEO people while working with various digital marketing agencies.

Another smart way is to do both. Keep working, writing, and learning from others and at the same time start your own blog passively. Many people start a blog soon, but they leave midway, as get confused about niche, results, monetization, and a few more aspects. Mark my words, without proper guidance and mentoring, people take more than six months to get started with blogging. While working in a company or for others as a freelancer, you should continue writing blog posts, in case of lack of time you can publish them leisurely. But writing consistency has to be maintained otherwise blogging turns out to be another dead end.

Starting a blog is definitely a good idea, but to stop working for others immediately is a bad idea. Blogging don’t give immediate success, one has to work hard and plan and publish and even promote regularly to see some success after posting around 300 articles.

So, my recommendation is to be smart. Work and collaborate with others, learn from them, and implement the knowledge on your blog. Once your name is built in your niche, you start getting over 500 page views/day; it means you are way ready for success. But the harder part is to maintain it, otherwise it doesn’t take a blog to sink like a ship. Hope you understand my point. Happy blogging!

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