How to become a Certified Ethical Hacker?

Ethical hacking falls in the purview of White Hat community. It enhances the act of fostering network system and identifies IT (Information Technology) security threats and vulnerabilities within organizations for smooth and secured functionality.

Please note that ethical hacking is different from cracking. Well, cracking is a process where an individual or group involves into committing a breach or evade the internet security for personal motifs. Ethical hacking is legal while cracking a transgression.

Taking the certification in Ethical Hacking is regarded beneficial for:

  • An array of auditors and quality controllers
  • Cyber officials and agents
  • Security officers and adviser
  • Site administrators and experts

A certified ethical hacker becomes familiar with the latest security perils, on-ground threat factors, inclusive of when to curb them and how; advanced hacking techniques, tactics, tools and tricks. These aspects enable ethical hackers to diagnose the issues and provide them a chance as a penetration tester to play off against crackers for reducing threats and storing vigilant performance.

Clearly, ethical hacking is good and worth learning. Let’s focus on how to become a certified ethical hacker. Cisco, Microsoft, etc. provide certification, mostly through EC Council, courses for ethical hacking.


Exposure to IT security work minimum for two years. If not, in case of a fresher, IT-related educational background is worth considering. And candidates hailing from non-IT educational background must seek counselling from institutes.

Here are some useful tips on how to take a relevant course to become a certified ethical hacker.

  • Go for classroom training. Learning ethical hacking is beyond self study. Classroom training helps you to understand penetration testing and makes you aware with hands-on stuff as good as practicals. After classroom sessions, opt in for self-study modules for revisions.
  • Be acquainted with the basic knowledge of networking concepts (TCP/IP) and system admin. Additionally, troubleshooting experience will be an advantage.
  • Take some research on Penetration Testing tools before taking the ethical hacking course. Know-how of a few peculiar domains is imperative.
  • Unix is an operating system considered discovered by hackers, so be a great thinker to be an acclaimed hacker. Know-how of Unix/Linux distributions and commands is highly helpful. Occupy yourself with Unix/Linux.
  • Become skilled at programming too: Java, Perl, LISP. Explore and learn keenly about databases i.e. SQL.
  • To become a great ethical hacker you must develop strong tenacity the way black hat hackers or crackers visualize. Still to recommend is that one must cultivate knack for the following aspects: problem-solving attitude, focused, dedicated, never give-up, and self-motivated.

For becoming an ethical hacker, knowledge holds the key as knowledge is power, knowledge is profit. However, experience is also vital towards making a marketable career in ethical hacking.

Along with knowledge and experience, certification helps in boosting the professional career. Taking certification of ethical hacking not only brushes up knowledge but also makes the candidate to comprehend security threats the way hackers think. Certification will help one to learn regular sorts of countermeasures, manipulations and vulnerabilities.

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