Can I Make a Career by Building WordPress Websites?

Building websites on any platform like WordPress (WP) or Blogger or Wix is a part of web development. However, it’s an ignored topic nowadays, because of WP. Website building has become a child’s play. I made six WP websites in one week. WP is a readymade material for bloggers and many others.

However, learning about making a website in WP took me some time as I always thought that WP is a paid platform and it does not give free blog websites with its original domain add, like When I made an account and did some trial and error, I learnt all about it.

Now I can say that making a website on WP is easy but the following things go tough as a beginner:

  • Confusion about plans – only business and e-commerce plans allows you to install WP plugins
  • How to navigate through the website
  • How to post and some basic settings
  • How to set a menu bar or pages
  • How to customize and set themes
  • How to migrate from blogger to WP and much more…

I wanted to say that people know how to make a website on WP but they have little knowledge as what goes inside the WP website. So one can make a career in educating about WP, rather making small website for others.

In short one can make a career in making WP websites; however, it’s not long lasting. The only reason is that WP has made it easy to make websites for all.

The second part of the story is development in WP. It’s clear that making simple to good websites on WP is easy but there is some involved when one has to make database or huge websites using PHP.

So, if you want to make a career well then learn about development. If you succeed in working as a WP developer, then sky is the limit. A WP developer is someone who does the following:

  • Customizes the website as per the business/client needs. It is not a simple customization. It has to be detailed, with each tiny aspect should be functional.
  • Plays with CSS and HTML and PHP – basically he/she gets into the skin of website and make changes
  • Develops personal themes. These themes are not available in the market. For greater purpose one has to make themes and it needs knowledge of some coding and frameworks.

WordPress looks easy but deep inside it’s like an ocean. I would suggest you to watch a variety of YouTube channels or read blogs before you make your career into it. Best of luck!

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