How can I become a Good Software Programmer or Coder?

Coding is not something that you can learn in a day or two. It requires lots of practice. Being a software programmer, I am sharing few tips that will help you to become a good software programmer. Coders are in much demand and can get good salary package depending on their coding skills. So, let’s have a look at some tips to improve your coding:

  1. Coders are not born geniuses. They learn the technology and get theoretical knowledge about the subject. Then they practice a lot either by themselves or by working on some real time projects. If you start learning code and practice coding by writing some codes daily, you can become a good coder in future.
  2. Coding requires you to learn some languages like Java, C#, C++, C, etc. Using these languages, you can give instructions to computer to perform a specific task.
  3. Pick a specific language like C, C++, Java and start writing basic codes. Play as much as you can with your codes to improve your coding.
  4. Get to know which language is in more demand in the market and you can start learning that language to bag the job easily.
  5. For any language that you want to learn, there are lots of study material available online that one can go through. Also, you can attend free or paid online trainings to clear your basic concepts that will help you to code better.
  6. Start learning coding by writing small pieces of code. Once, your one or two code runs properly, it will boost your confidence and you will find it interesting to code more and more.
  7. Read lots of code written by other programmers. If you read codes written by other programmers, it will help you to know about some shortcuts or better way to code. Also, you will get to know about your mistakes by seeing codes by other people.
  8. Get your code validated by master programmers whom do you think are geniuses. Don’t feel criticized if they give some tips to improve. Once you find a good mentor, you can learn a lot from him and it will help you to code better.
  9. Programming is more about logical thinking. Once you start thinking logically better, you can code in any language by just knowing it’s syntax. So, practice more and more scenarios that will help you to improve your logical thinking.
  10. Read some coding language books. Many writers give tips that nobody tells us. These tips can help us to code faster and better.

Above, I have shared some tips that one can follow to be a good software programmer or coder. Coding is all about more and more practice. Start writing basic codes and keep on practicing until you become the master in it. Once you mastered any language, nobody can stop you to bag a job with a high salary package. If your coding is good, companies will willingly provide you better package. Also, nowadays in many companies either startup or MNCs, there are programming tests for top coders. By passing these tests, top coders can double their package. Isn’t it amazing? So, don’t delay and start coding today itself.

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