Is Starting a Personal Travel Blog a Profitable Niche?

Before they set out, people tend to seek a lot of information about the place which they intend to visit. And of course, internet is their first choice among all sources of information for accommodation options, how to go, where to find market and where to enjoy in the spare time and much more. Well, any wrong or misleading information may put them back financially and emotionally.

Therefore digital nomads or travelers rely on some really good personal travel blogs since they sound more authentic than commercial travel websites or marketplaces. The basic difference between the two is that a personal blog is full of relevant content, a kind of travelogue, while a commercial website always focuses more on its selling by offering discounts, deals, etc.

Below listed reasons will ossify your assumption into confirmation about the veracity and authenticity of the personal travel blogs.

First of all, there are uncounted websites dealing into the travel space. And all websites pass through cut-throat competition to rank higher in the search engines, thus to promote themselves they take support of paid marketing activities and as a result with the help of paid campaigns they manage to rank on good keywords. Many a time, it is seen a website doesn’t have relevant content but still ranks on a particular keyword. This thing frustrates the user looking for specific information, in a sense a misleading attempt.

On good travel websites, basically on marketplaces, people write their any experiences but not in a lucid form. The information published there is either not straight or scribbled in poor usage or out of sequence. These marketplaces usually hold poor forum management. People use spam with their online marketing links and put wrong driving directions. However on a blogger you will find an archive which makes it better to filter out the topics and you instantly comes to know whether you would get what you are looking for or not? On travel marketplaces users generally ask how to go or about place or hotel reviews. They rarely post about their travel account/history. And on social media people share pictures without substantial details.

On personal travel blog the experience is personal and written by the traveler itself not by content writers, especially freelancers. One way to cross check is to match with their accuracy is the number of comments available. You will find the comments from same-minded people. You too can ask question and clarify your doubts. They extensively cover ‘How to Go’ with pictures and videos.

They tell about lodging options, tariffs and about local culture and availability of transport and other restrictions, etc. From the personal travel blogs you can easily extract the real information with a touch of personal voice.

The biggest benefit of personal travel blog is its veracity and raw information; it’s intended to help others. Thus, it is always a good niche and later on when the blog becomes famous, one can get paid deals for reviewing hotels and meals and flights. Of course affiliate marketing is always there to make good money.

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