Is the Darknet Bad for Humanity?

You must have heard about Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO or ethical hacking and cracking. Similarly, there are both: genuine internet and darknet. However, masses use internet while many hidden mafias or drug tycoons use darknet because they never want to get caught.

It’s very peculiar kind of internet which cannot be accessed from your normal browsers. A browser called ‘Tor’ supports this darknet. With this browser, the location and the purpose of the activity go hidden. Therefore, many drug dealers across the world use it and remain safe while selling drugs online to people.

As we see many e-commerce marketplaces, similarly there are many drug marketplaces like Silk Road 3.0, Crypto Market, Dream Market, etc. and they all are functional through this darknet.

You name any drug and it’s available on their websites. For instance, you may not get Malana cream from the village itself (Manala village in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh) but here you can search the product and within seconds vendors with their listings will pop up. Not only this, you can also check parameters like product quality, seller credentials, shipping arrangement etc. Regular buyers post reviews about their experience in which they describe about the product taste and ease of shipping etc. These reviews help sellers to promote and grow their drug business. It’s like an online retail store; however, the essence doesn’t support humankind values.

It will be interesting to know why cyber investigation agencies don’t chase them. Because the browsers are highly encrypted and for payments they use Bitcoin – digital money that doesn’t need the support of other agencies like bank or government. The highly encrypted browsers leave no footprint, means no history, plus tracing these dealers need a lot of expenditure, which cyber agencies often don’t do.

Next question is how do they ship? Doesn’t it get caught by smell? Well, they use vacuumed moisture barrier bags (MBBs) to suppress smell and moisture. Then, they put it in a normal envelop and use snail mail, the oldest mailing means. Shipment can reach from a week to month; it depends on the address actually.

Much of the business takes place in India, and from here it gets transported to countries like Australia, France, Germany, Italy, America, etc. However, taking drugs is never a good habit. Please avoid your chance if you ever come across any kind of darknet browsers.

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