What is the Advantage of using JavaScript over HTML?

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the standard markup language for displaying static content in a web browser. HTML is a markup language that is used for creating static web applications or web pages.

JavaScript (JS) is dynamic computer programming language. It is often confused with Java due to its naming but it has no association with Java language. JavaScript i.e. JS is a Scripting language. It is a high level language that is interpreted. It has object oriented capabilities. JavaScript can be embedded inside HTML whereas HTML can’t be embedded inside JavaScript.

HTML is used to display static content on web pages. On the other hand, JavaScript is used to make web pages dynamic by providing a dynamic environment to handle dynamic events on the web pages. In a very simple language, HTML describes how a web page should look whereas JavaScript allows users to interact with web pages because of its dynamic nature.

So, JavaScript adds life to our static web pages. It makes the web pages interactive. Since, HTML based web pages doesn’t take any response from user, they seems boring and has limited functionalities only. If you want your web page to behave based on user events, then you need to use JavaScript. JavaScript helps to extend the functionality to make the website rich.

JavaScript is used to fill web page data dynamically such a drop down list to fill state, city. On selecting the State, the drop down list for city is filled dynamically. We can also do validations like if a user forgets to enter data in some field then we give alert pop-up to the user to fill that field, if user enters wrong information in some field like he enters an alphabet in a number field, then we can give a pop-up to the user. So, using JavaScript, we can do validation of data entered by the user. Third party add-ons like Greasemonkey enable JavaScript developers to write code snippets. These code snippets execute on web pages to extend its functionality. You can write a feature and use an add-on like Greasemonkey to implement it on the web page.

Since in JavaScript web applications, user can interact with the website, so it makes the website lively. On the other hand, in HTML since the content of the website is static, hence, users can’t interact with the website. HTML and JavaScript are used together with the CSS to make your website interactive and lively with some styling.

HTML is a structural language that is used to build static structure of a website whereas JavaScript is an event based programming language. Different code segment executes whenever some event occurs in JavaScript. A code segment is executed when a user moves a mouse or clicks on some button. So, the main advantage of JavaScript over HTML is the dynamic nature of the JavaScript that gives lively look to your website and makes it user-interactive.

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