What is the Relationship between HTML and JavaScript?

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the standard markup language for displaying static documents in a web browser. It is used with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Scripting language i.e. JavaScript. It was developed by WHATWG. The file extension of HTML documents is “.html” or “.htm”.

JavaScript (JS) is a high level, just-in-time compiled, object oriented programming language. It is often confused with Java but it has no association with Java language. The filename extension for JavaScript is “.js” or “.mjs”. JavaScript is an important part of web applications. It enables interactive web pages. Most of the websites uses JavaScript and many web browsers have a JavaScript engine to execute the code.

Both HTML and JavaScript are related to each other. However, they have some differences. Let’s learn about some differences between HTML and JavaScript:

  • HyperText Markup Language i.e. HTML is a markup language that is used for creating web applications or web pages. JavaScript i.e. JS is a Scripting language. It is a high level language that is interpreted.
  • HTML is supported by all web browsers whereas JavaScript is compatible with only few browsers depending on the functionalities.
  • HTML follows W3C and WHATWG standards whereas JavaScript follows ECMA
  • In most of the websites, HTML is used whereas JavaScript is available in browsers that has client and server side environment.
  • To display the static content on websites, HTML needs a browser as a platform whereas JavaScript needs JS engine as a platform to run its code.
  • JavaScript can be embedded inside HTML whereas HTML can’t be embedded inside JavaScript.
  • HTML displays only static content on the web pages whereas JavaScript adds dynamic functionality to static web pages.
  • HTML doesn’t have any library whereas JavaScript has a vast library like Vue JS, ReactJS, AngularJS, ExtJS, etc that makes the web application fast.
  • HTML doesn’t need any client side environment and is only rendered from server side. JavaScript is a client side scripting language where the scripts are executed on the client web browser.
  • HTML is a language that contains different types of tags for header, paragraph, line break, content centering whereas JavaScript has inbuilt functions to define and manipulate the data in the form of objects.
  • HTML is a structural language that builds the structure of a website. The basic structure of a website includes header, paragraphs, images, text, etc. JavaScript on the other hand, is a programming language that makes website interactive. For example, a pop-up window alert appears on a screen.

Now, we know major differences between HTML and JavaScript. HTML is used to display static content on web pages. On the other hand, JavaScript is used to make web pages dynamic by providing a dynamic environment to handle dynamic events on the web pages. In a very simple language, HTML describes how a web page should look whereas JavaScript allows users to interact with web pages because of its dynamic nature. Both HTML and JavaScript have differences. But both these languages are used together to make the website look better and interactive. Both HTML and JavaScript are widely used in world wide websites these days.

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