Why Should We Select you as a Content Writer?

Why should we select you as a content writer? I came across this question many a time in my content writing career stance as I had the habit of appearing for interviews every third month (that’ bad for stability). This is one question that can make anyone a bit nervous and tear the heart of a well-established writer. It’s an ego disturbing question. Anyway, fear not, handle it diplomatically rather. I will tell you how?

First off, ask the interviewer – did you go through my CV – you must have seen my exposure to the domains and writing caliber in my writing samples and blogs.

If you answer this, the person sitting opposite you, taking your interview would rethink about this question. Well, then he would reframe the question or will begin asking questions from your writing samples or domain knowledge or overall work experience.

Anyway, in another case if you want to answer directly, here it goes:

  • Content writing is the king of Internet. Digital marketing or SEO are incapable in absence of content. Whether it is short one or long, one needs content to cover up the images and even videos.
  • In the digital world, people are not for praising writing skills, they are here for finding information on their search queries.
  • I am a person who writes meaningful and optimum length content. I am a good content writer – someone who can help your organization grow via content cluster, content marketing, content experiment, and most important content funnel.
  • I am in all senses, fulfill these criterions. Thus, I am a candidate with a deserving profile. If you believe me, you should consider hiring me; otherwise I appreciate your time.

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