3 Benefits of Joining the Digital Nomad Communities

No matter where you go and what you do as a digital nomad or just as a sheep-herding nomad, at some point of time, you will always feel to have someone around to share a cup of coffee, to chat about the worldly politics, or to discuss the travel routes and so on. Inadvertently, a man whether a traveler or a saint cannot be a solo person all their life, this is something inherent about being human.

Well, even as a digital nomad you crave for like-minded people or communities. If digital nomads do not find a community of digital nomads like them, then their attention shifts to the locals and from there they try to find out like-minded people with whom they can share their everyday life stories or the kind of work they do.

As we know internet and telecommunication has become an inevitable part of our lives, since digital nomad lifestyle is gaining momentum across the world. So, if you are thinking that why to go for a digital nomad community when you as a digital nomad your first job is to be a location independent which meant you need to be travelling alone like a wanderer with no company at all etc. Believe me you will be bored to the tears if you fail to meet like-minded people.

Let’s peep into some of the fringe benefits associated with digital nomad communities:

  1. Collect Information:

Information is more important than gadgets for a digital nomad. By joining communities, you can always know from other fellow people about the accommodation charges, internet issues, local rules, and travelling tips. Similarly, you can share about your visited places and home country for the digital nomads looking forward to go there. Sharing of knowledge is a two-way process for location-independent people.

  2. Overcome Loneliness:

Of course when you go to a coffee hub and find a group of people sitting with open laptops and mildly whispering about climate and clients, your first instinct is to take a sigh of relief, and instantly you know that they will be your friends soon. Friends made on roads are like military chaps: they can never be forgotten and the company of digital nomads is never fake. Weather-beaten faces and haggard eyes tell the tales of their aspirations and struggle they are going through.

3. Network Grows:

Networking grows when you pass through communities; thus, your chances of getting work and be on the road for longer time increases. Many settled digital nomads like to outsource some of their petty tasks to struggling digital nomads because in these people socialism is very high. In a community, you come to know about the value of your skills as well of others. This way you get the work that exactly suits you or you pass the work that you know is not for you.

For example, I do my writing work for my blogs and outsource the SEO work to nomads who are into digital marketing. When I meet entrepreneurs, I write content for their PPTs and websites and documents.

Being in a community is a good aspect as you tend to move from one place to another and having information beforehand makes life convenient and the excitement part never fades even you come to know the traveling hiccups in advance. A digital nomad is blessed if he/she finds relevant and good communities.

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