12 Blog Directories You can Consider to Submit your Blog

The core essence of blogging is writing quality content; however, the competition to rank on the first page of search engines demands an X factor kind of thing from the seasoned to novice bloggers. Though there are various methods to promote a blog, but submitting the blog to the top blog directories is a time-tested trick. Blog directories are in abundance but you need to do some good research and rely on the well-known websites that give the address of those directories. Based on research, here is a list of famous blog directories that you can use to generate quality back links to get immense traffic for your blog.

  1. Best of the Web Blogs:

It’s a good one; hence it only considers mature and quality blogs. It doesn’t entertain blogs with poor content quality. It offers a 60-day free trial after that you need to take subscription package to continue. Links from this directory surely promises huge traffic. But remember quality is the major key here.

  1. Eaton Web:

When you submit your blog here, they will review it for quality and other things. For reviewing your blog the fee is around $ 35. Once you pay that it is free forever for you.

  1. com:

Once you are logged in, you can submit your blog for free and most of the work is done manually. It is an excellent directory as it demands nothing from your side.

  1. Blog Search Engine:

Highly recommended blog directory for bloggers! Basic services are available for free but paid packages offers exceptional services. Visit the website and explore by yourself.

  1. Blog Catalog:

This directory is for all kinds of bloggers and covers topic from blogging to reviews and everything in between. Here, you can search by using filters like topic, language, country, etc.

  1. Bloggapedia:

Bloggapedia has an impressive homepage and it keeps featuring new and innovative blogs on its homepage. It has a helping tool kit for bloggers.

  1. Spillbean

Spillbean has clear and well-defined menu bar where you can see tabs like Newest Blogs, Popular Blogs, etc. Here you can submit both blog and website.

  1. Blogging Fusion:

At Blogging Fusion you can submit blogs as well as articles. It is free and a very genuine blog submission directory. Try to get in Top Rated Blog list for substantial traffic.

  1. Blogflux:

It comes with special tag cloud on its homepage. Select a service package for better coverage and benefits.

  1. Blog Listing:

It is a free blog directory. It boasts of an advanced search tab and also has interesting tabs like Latest Blog Review and Latest Featured Links.

  1. Blogarama

Blogarama is one of the oldest blog directories. First 50 blog posts get indexed for free after that you need to take a package to continue.

  1. Blogadda:

Blogadda is an Indian blog directory. You can use it for free once you put their link on your blog. It features many interesting categories and doesn’t hide anything. The blog review process takes up to 6 days.

For more personal experience, kindly visit each of the blog directories to discover more or for new updates.

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