5 Tips to Write an Attention-grabbing Press Release

Writing a press release isn’t simple because its reach is wider and users take it seriously. Whenever there is a new launch or event, there has to go some press releases in the media and to do that people prefer to hire press release writing experts. Thus, press release is an important tool aims to gain popularity, and at times it does work. A well-written and organized press release, with catchy headings, grabs the attention of millions, and there stands a chance that story-seeking journalists may publish the story in any of the famous magazines or websites. Writing a PR needs some parameters to be followed.

  1. Headings:

The best thing about an interesting PR is its heading and sub heading. It should summarize the gist of the event or to-be launched thing. People should know instantly what it is all about. An interesting but relevant heading is like reading hoardings while traveling. Even though people ignore the rest of the body but headings keep galloping in their mind. A must include thing in the heading is name of the brand or company. Find press release writing experts if there is no one to write for you.

  1. Length:

Press release is kind of news writing and people don’t like reading unnecessarily lengthy stories, breaking news exception. Generally, a PR concludes three paragraphs. It should optimally cover about the new thing and the past history or trends with the reference to the news. In fact, press releases are meant to be kept short and simple. In the body also include relevant links, where customers or users can get to know more about the company or product. It also works as a link building, especially when used for SEO purposes. Hire press release writing experts to get fine-toned PRs.

  1. Contact and Company Info:

After reading product related news, people move to dredge about company and its contact information. A brief history about company and its people and mission makes it only credible, not lengthy to bore the readers. Contact information is needed often by journalists who sometimes or possibly want to feature and forward your story in top class media platforms of your area, or sometimes internationally.

  1. Proofreading:

Once the press release is done, don’t forget to proof read it. A badly written, with grammatical errors, PR turns the potential users off it. News stories never make glaring errors, so should be yours. The effective method is to take a print out and then do proofread it. Also check for the source of information, by any means it should not look superfluous, amazing is OK but not fake or so.

  1. Include Images or a Video:

A well written PR with a video or image in it is likely to make more impact on users. Search engines algorithm works faster for content with images. Also when it is shared on social sites, people look at images, and then read what it is all about. You can always find press release writing experts using service marketplaces.

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