5 Types of Social Media Content and How to Use It

Often it’s seen that people share one kind of content across all social sites. They never consider it might sound banal after one point of time. Hence, variations are must to delight the existing connections and attract the new ones. No one likes monotonous stuff. If you can’t upgrade from time to time, then you must have a host of variations in your social content strategy in place.

Being dynamic is not off-focus rather people would appreciate your versatility. Well, to play effectively on social sites you must be familiar with the type and nature of content. This will help you in growing better as a blogger, online marketer or a company for that matter.

  1. Entertainment:

People stick to social sites basically for two reasons: one is social networking, and secondly for entertainment. If you can entertain your fans, followers or connections, then the beauty of social media will reward you for your hard work.

So what all stuff can you cover under this category? Well many! Like, sharing viral or most trending videos from video streaming sites, you can create a buzz about fun holidays, hilarious comic figures, memes, throwbacks, gifts, contests, puzzles, etc.

  1. Motivation:

Motivation or inspiration is another category which influences the users. And if they like, they tend to come back or simply subscribe your page. For teaching and educational bloggers or businesses, this sort of content brings fantastic fan following.

For this category try covering things like amazing facts (believe it or not), quotes, motivating images of life hack or related to your field.

  1. Conversation:

Conversation is one good way to keep your audiences under your influence. It’s the basic human urge to answer a question, and surprisingly this aspect works online. Ask questions to your audiences and then wait for their replies and show your gratitude towards them. Never ignore them. You can ask questions in different patterns, most appealing ones are objective type and fill in the blanks. Prepare a poll/survey – but make sure that it’s not too personal or lengthy – it should be fun. Also share links from question and answer sites like Quora.

  1. Fact Oriented:

People love facts. It is a kind of news feed for them. Be it any field, it must have some legacy or history. Use that as knowledge to share with your audiences. For brands you can write and share product reviews, these reviews will help understand your users the nature and utility factor of the product. Hit the curious point of people by sharing stuff like behind the scene, do you know, stats, etc. Share images from history or past life events and much more.

  1. Advertising:

Promotional content is very useful for product-and-service dolling out companies. Under this category you may cover up points like product manuals, services ranges, current or upcoming offers, seasonal discount opportunities, webinars, client testimonials, etc. For business pages and groups this content elevates their overall sales and leads.

In all types of content don’t forget to put images or videos wherever it’s possible because social media is more about visual appeal above anything else.

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