Pros and Cons of Being a Freelancer

Human life’s biggest and the most craved aspiration is freedom. People after working in a fit pattern for years realize that freedom is missing from their work-life balance. Thus, freelancing is a way to make money online as well as to enjoy life on the other hand. But still, it’s a two-sided coin, before plunging into it, weigh and mull over its merits and demerits. Let’s do a brief study about the ups and downs of the freelancing world.


No need to stick to working hours:

It doesn’t mean that freelancers don’t work but get paid. Rather they work as per their comfort zone and when they feel like working. It could be midnight, wee hours, or noon time. You get freedom from the jinx of working hours – so you can work all night and sleep through the day without worrying about the ticking of an alarm clock. You save on travel time, plus expenses, the feel of being with a family or close ones becomes practical and still you make money online.

You can choose your work place:

The need to visit one place everyday ends with the freelancing jobs online. You are free to work from any place, eat and sleep as you desire. One can work from home, cafes, hotels, during a road trip, and in other case can club up with some freelancer friends and work at one place – like school’s chumming days.

Work what you like:

The freedom continues, you can choose on what assignments or projects you can work from home comfortably. It’s not like you do what your boss likes, it’s the other way round you do what you like. For instance, designers good at 3D animation, can pick assignments requiring 3D skills than something else.  Same goes for writers and other admin professionals.

Ability to choose clients:

As a freelancer, you can choose and cross examine clients’ professional history and read what others are saying about them. If you smell a rat, you have the authority to reject them. It’s a long race and to get settled down as a reputed money maker you must be able to sense out the intentions of clients either by reading their job description or reviews posted by others. You must utilize others experience to benefit yourself, in other words get away from fraudsters.


Illusions of Deception:

Your first experience as a freelancer could be painful if you get bamboozled by a slew of cunning clients. The problem-facing zone is the time of payment. Many clients literally test the nerve of freelancers, if you fail to chase them, then the payment is gone. Many clients ask for a portfolio and then sample work, and in other cases they keep sending the work for re-edits, but on the other hand, they utilize your real work. When you are fed up of re-edits, you leave them – it is a brutal key to fool freelancers – which puts an end to a dream to make money online.

There could be many more cons, but I am not here to demoralize you. Keep trying you will successful one day.

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