Top 3 Reasons Why Bloggers Give up so Easily

Blogging is a strange notion, as it’s both enigmatic and addictive in nature. Whosoever gets to know about blogging and its allied advantages thinks that this is their cup of tea. So this way it’s enigmatic.

On the other hand, whosoever successfully passes the first few initial stages like solo blogging, DIY tutorials, publishing, etc, can never ignore it. This way it’s addictive as well.

It’s a repeated fact that everyday thousands of people, across the world, commence blogging. However, it does not stay, the way it begins. Reason is very simple, new bloggers get frustrated and soon they forget about their blogging ambitions. Let’s see why people give up blogging as easily as they start.

Not Getting Optimum Traffic:

9 out of 10 bloggers take up blogging to pursue their biggest ambition of life: money and freedom from regular 9-to-5 job. Only a handful of people prefer blogging to express and share their opinions. Also, it is free to do as initially you don’t need to buy any web hosting or domain name. Platforms like Blogger from Google and WordPress offer free blogging. As of now, there are hundreds of free blogging platforms available for kids to old grannies.

As per the common human urge, expectations run parallel to the traffic of your blog. Hence, less traffic hurts everyone. Many people think that their blog will be super hit by writing only 10 to 20 posts, and after that they can get scores of posts written from freelance content writers. However, that’s not the case. The main pillar of successful blogging is consistency; it’s a common trend found among all successful bloggers of today.

If you want to make blogging as your career, it too like any other career takes time. Be patient and maintain your consistency, and then see the results.

Knows Writing…but too Many Topics

Before taking the path of blogging, one needs to recognize his/her writing caliber and interest area, since these two factors define the rational niche of a blogger. If you don’t know what you can write about, hold on, take some time, do a lot of research and comeback with a niche oriented blogging mindset. Writing on multiple topics for one blog or many, will lead you nowhere but to a point of frustration. The best tip is to read a lot and initially write short blog posts than long ones.

It’s too Technical for me….I need a Troubleshooter

It’s a universal truth that blogging on is easier than any other platform. Whether it’s Weebly or WordPress, things seem tough. So, the hot advice for an aspiring blogger is to start blogging on Or, if you have some serious plans, then you can experiment on People with non-technical background can watch tutorial videos online to get the things done perfectly; for example, learn how to install custom domain in blogspot or how to use Google webmaster or how to change the theme of the blog, etc.

Initially do not involve into too many technical things at a time. Take your time to settle down as blogging is like Test cricket. What happens when you try to be a master overnight: tech definitions frustrate and demoralize you.

Share your blogging experience in the comments box below.

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