What it takes to Earn Handsome Income as an Expert Freelance SEO?

What do people do on search engines? They search about anything from the remotest island of the world to the highest paid Hollywood actors. It’s a way of finding things, gaining knowledge or learning anything. And to find everything people type some words or phrases, as soon as they finish typing, people respond to the results they get in the form of content or videos or images. So, the whole cycle of SEO is related to people’s finding habits on search engines like Google, Yahoo and others. An SEO person is someone who studies about the search engines’ algorithms and prepares relevant keywords, and strategies to promote the core themes of the site on internet. He basically has a job to promote websites of clients or his own websites. From NGOs to celebrities, all want to end up as the top search result. Therefore, they hire online marketing experts.

If you know about search engines’ nature and other technicalities of the digital marketing, you can pursue a profitable career in SEO in both ways: full-time employment and freelancing. As an expert SEO freelancer, there are some specific job duties and skills needed to promptly deliver the clients work.

Extensive Keyword Research:

Websites rank as per the keywords. So, the foremost job of an SEO is to find appropriate keywords. Misleading keywords or phrases down rank the site, thus, it’s a careful task to find the keywords that can improve the site’s ranking, not otherwise.

Analysis of Other’s Websites:

All types of websites, stretching from storefronts to simple design websites, have rivals. When other’s website can rank better on some keywords, the SEO person will make sure that his/her client’s site also begin ranking on the same keywords. Analyzing competitors’ websites for our own benefits requires intelligence and good amount of IQ. Thus, many companies check for IQ and intelligence before they find online marketing experts.

On-site Analysis:

This type of study is carried on the site itself. Whatever content, videos, or images are going into the site are part of the on-site analysis. This further includes working on content (blog or article section) meta tags, images, footer, etc. On the other hand, things like blogging, articles, and banners when take place on other websites with proper hyperlinks or hash tags – it’s all part of off-site SEO – here nothing can be changed once it’s published. Hired online marketing experts make the report of things to be included in these both analyses.

Link Building:

Generating links for the website on different platforms using social sites, blogging sites, or forums is important for increasing the traffic on the site. A link on a good website gives a good boost to the traffic.


Apart from the job duties, an expert SEO should also hold basic skills to carry out the work effectively.

  • Basic understanding and familiarity with all social media sites
  • Computer skills with browsing, HTML and CSS – it helps in the on-site optimization
  • How content writers work and the importance of content marketing
  • Should know SEO is a part of online marketing
  • Reasoning aptitude with good grammar knowledge

You can always learn these job duties and skills if you feel you are lagging behind to find freelance online marketing jobs online. As SEO updates are dynamic, so keeping pace with changing times is an advantage, and you can find a lot of offers as a freelancer from service marketplaces.

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