Which is better for Blogging: Joomla or WordPress?

As an inquisitive blogger, I always try to explore various blogging platforms. I started my journey with BlogSpot and soon shifted to WordPress (WP). Well, off late, I am smitten by Joomla bug. Can I make a review submitting website with Joomla? Maybe I can! But I am not in a position to learn it from scratch. While doing all R&D, I got that both are CMS…but which one is best suited for bloggers.

Let’s first understand it through CMS. What is CMS? It simply means ‘content management system’.

A sort of system where you get details of subscribers, write and publish blog posts, get inquiries and comments from users, manage media and content at one place.

Both Joomla and WordPress (WP) are excellent CMS. However, the only concern is that Joomla is not for blogging – you can have it but not as flexible as WP. Let’s see the difference without getting confused.

  • Joomla is highly technical. WP is simple. Both have plug-ins, but WP has higher edge over it. WP is like going to the website, make your account, set domain and hosting, chose a theme and a blog is ready.
  • In Joomla’s case, you first need to install it on your PC via WAMP server. After that you must have good knowledge about coding, as Joomla is more inclined towards web developers who are expert at JavaScript, PHP, Java and so on. In a sense, Joomla is for complicated and data-driven websites.
  • Plug-ins in WP are free when you have a business plan, and in Joomla some are free and some are chargeable.
  • Joomla provides an option of Meta tags and Search tags while posting a blog. Well in WP, you get the same in-built. SEO Yoast is one classic example in WP.
  • Both have great security system. All websites build on WP or Joomla are SSL powered.

Before concluding I would say WP is popular. World’s 36 percent websites are built on it. Joomla is used by professionals in IT and web development companies.

For blogging, WordPress is the only best option as of now.

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