What Basic Problems can a New Blogger Face?

As a new blogger, you can face number of problems. The problems are directly proportional to your attitude. In a nutshell, your problems vary as per your approach towards life. The first problem you are likely to face is the lack of self-motivation. I am sure when you are done with 4-5 posts, you think of taking rest for a week but at the same time expecting a huge traffic on your blog. That attitude is wrong. A true self-motivation is that which can stand the test of time. In fact, for all achievements you need to go through a period of time – that time is your struggle time or endurance. If you can handle that spell efficiently, I think you qualify for the long race.

If you are brimmed with self-motivation and self-belief, there are chances that you will keep writing posts with good consistency.

Well, the next problem is expecting too much and overlooking successful bloggers’ profiles and work and legacy. Never do that. Instead of jealousy, have some inspiration from them. Learn from their mistakes and observe how they promote their content on social sites, also learn how to make presence on all important social sites. Use them as a fountain of knowledge.

Another major problem with new bloggers is that they tend to think more about money or success right at the start of their journey instead of focusing on the real hard work. One simple example is, aim to write hundred posts as soon as possible, because this number will take you into a good position and possibly search engines begin recognizing you and your blog gets a valuable domain authority. Experts say that you must maintain a schedule for posting but well before that comes the writing stage, if you can hoard some articles then you can go for a comfortable posting schedule. In blogging, results always follow the hard work you put in.

Back linking is an important part for bringing huge traffic, but not necessarily it will come from authentic sources. New bloggers often feel that writing for other websites and article submission sites as a guest writer will help them grow. It’s a myth. Guest writing simply doesn’t work for a new blogger. Reason: because a new blogger should have something substantial on his/her website to hold traffic and you can only make your website substantial by writing a lot of content on it and also by giving it a good professional look. People don’t value scrap. Before you plan to be a guest writer, fulfill your first 100 posts/articles aim.

At the same time, you should never refrain yourself from guest commenting, it does provide back links and set you for rapport among bloggers. Remember one more important point: don’t expect humble valuable advice from successful bloggers as they rarely entertain new bloggers. It’s better if you work hard, then they give a buzz.

The key to successful blogging is consistency in both: writing content and sharing it across the social media sites. Surviving as a newbie blogger is easy; however, the only key is consistency.

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