A Career in 3D Video Animation Promises Healthy Growth

The irony of today’s commercialism is that there are less businesses but more marketing. And interestingly the marketing takes place through more than one medium i.e. audio, video, and content (the latest one on internet).

So, here are fair chances for people who have creative flair to become a part of marketing wave by opting in to learn video animations. Though it’s further segmented into some more forms like video encoding, videotaping, editing and effects, 3D and 2D, but 3D animation is preferred over other video skills. Cartoons are used for children or for educational purpose – but they are peculiarly satirical by nature. However, animations don’t have subjective limitations; they can be used by anyone and for various purposes. Therefore, companies find 3D video animation experts in the first place for marketing initiatives. A career in 3D video animations can comfortably set you in life.

Cartoon vs. Animations:

The career of a cartoonist is limited to a few platforms and hugely depends on his/her popularity, as no one prefers keeping a cartoonist with vapid drawings. Cartoons look simple or hand drawn pictures set to move within a frame, while animations are of many types such as whiteboard, 2D, 3D and simple ones. But characters in 3D animations can move independently, which gives the background and characters real life like feel. To keep themselves updated with the technology, production houses and media firms prefer to hire 3D video animation experts over simple video makers.

Video Marketing over Content:

All types of videos are published on internet, thus people with relevant skills 3D video animation experts for hire by schools to NGOs to branding firms. Content is a passive form of marketing, bad and slow readers can read the content but may not be able to understand it. Video breaks the language barrier as people perceive more and feel entertained through them. The foremost quality of a video is that it creates visual effects in the content and the rate of influence is 100 times greater than the content or audio marketing.

Social Platforms:

Have you ever noticed any social sites without buzzing videos, probably not? The reason is that videos are the next big thing in the digital world, even to support content videos are made. And also, without videos social platforms will be dull and boring and hardly interactive. Here are some stats to re-confirm the presence of videos online:

  • From teens to middle age people, spend more time on YouTube than TV in pursuit of entertainment
  • Advertisers have been spending almost double on digital videos from the last 2 years
  • Videos published online or on social sites are a favorite pass time of teens and students
  • 85 percent videos on Facebook are watched soundlessly
  • By 2020, 75 percent of the data on mobiles will constitute videos
  • People love to watch comedy videos over other types

If you are thinking about a career in 3D video animation, then you are likely to get huge success provided you keep working and updating your talent from time to time.

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