Tips to Hire SEO Content Writers

A content writer is a best buddy of SEO people, because they toil a lot to find keywords that can put a website in the front searches of the search engines. However, those keywords may go in vain if a writer fails to absorb them in his/her writing.The person who combines SEO words while drafting articles, press release and blogs is refereed as an SEO content writer. An SEO content writer differs from others, because his/her job is to write for online websites that on the basis of content must get higher ranking in the search engine result pages (SERPs). He/she is way different from web or copy or fiction writers. Every website needs content and wants to rank higher in the search engines, thus, they always seek to hire SEO content writers to meet their content-related needs. However, search engines algorithm about content parameters isn’t only tough but also penalizing. Thus, to find SEO content writing experts is like sifting wheat from chaff. There are many ways to find out whether the to-be hired content writers would be good for SEO optimization or not. Here are the ways how to check their mettle and understanding of the subject.

Grammar Test:

At times, candidates appearing for freelance SEO content writing jobs bring a good profile in terms of experience and client handling, but they may be lacking a punch in language usage and grammar.Therefore, give them a short but intelligent test to check their grammar understanding. With good grammar a writer can play around with keywords without losing the meaning of the content. A poorly structured article or blog with lot of keywords stuffed into it looks like a failed attempt and this kind of content never helps in ranking better.

Demand written links:

After grammar test, the other way to feel about their expertise is to read through their published content on various sites. If they don’t have clear links for showcasing, then one can ask for a personal blog – because somebody series about writing career has to maintain a blog or something interesting where one can write freely.

Ask them about SEO importance:

Many a time, writers good at writing fail to inculcate SEO practices in their writing, and one prominent reason is that they aren’t into SEO writing. Writing differs a lot from one platform to another. The best advice to hire SEO content writers is to hire experienced writers, training fabulists or poets for SEO writing takes a lot of time and also adds burden on cost.

Ask about Reading:

A good writer always reads, because reading is homework of writing. Ask them frankly what books, authors or magazines or newspapers they read. If the answer is no – then don’t take chances on them.

SEO writing is a new branch of writing that has evolved with internet. The power to make profit and identity in the digital world is being empowered by SEO writing. Thus, they must be potential enough to bend their skills as per demands.

Finding good writers for a website is imperative. One must look into all aspects before finalizing the one. The key to good content is the optimization of SEO keywords.

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