Top SEO Trends for Bloggers

Content helps in discovering products or services; hence, businesses put millions in the digital arena and remain obsessed either about content or company’s ranking in the search engines. And they rarely care whether their content makes sense to their target audiences or not. So, keeping the usability factor at front, search engines, like every year, change the SEO policies to bring a wave of shuffle among content and digital marketing people.

Until few years ago the search engines were regarded as content tanks, however much has been changed since the arrival of smart phones and tablets. So, today there are multiple platforms to run the searches and find answers for queries. For this reason, traditional methods of surfing internet have been fashioning out for more social and faster approach. But still two aspects will persist for long: the contest to improve rank and changes in SEO. Like every year, this year has also seen some good changes in the SEO.

Social Content Leads the Race:

Social content is highly widespread in our everyday lives, because it doesn’t have any peculiar angle, it’s dynamic and appealing. Users prefer writing and reading on social sites as it gives them feel-good factor. Social sites are of great potential to add genuine traffic to a brand or cause seeking online response. At times, many causes or brands become runaway hits overnight. But why do people read more content on social sites than on other sites? On social sites content looks charming and is always accompanied with responses in the forms of likes, shares and comments. Today SMO, any time, beats the SEO of yesteryears. The world changes with time, so does SEO.

Mobile Optimization beats Desktop Users:

Mobile devices have taken no look back since their invention. Compatible mobile browsers, apps, faster networks, mobile-friendly designs; all have set the scene for increasing mobile users. The trend will continue to grow because now users can have access to internet anytime, even while moving, so, along with accessibility they get freedom too. Websites which can’t be mobile friendly will eventually run out of the race and hardly rank in the first page.

However, Google bloggers have an advantage to this situation, for blogger is a mobile-friendly platform. So, blogging for Google will see good responses. Subsequently, current trends in SEO will not be same like pat years; with mobile user it has got to be changed. Interestingly, over 50 percent users searching queries on mobiles are genuine which leads to healthy conversion rate.

Intention matters, more than Keywords:

Search engines have impeccable artificial intelligence that helps them to read users mind even before typing the full keywords on search engines. This intelligence has cornered away the rubbish content actors and finished the game of overstuffing mafias. So, only relevant and user-friendly content will work wonder for businesses than gossiping. This way SEO experts are being compelled to play safe with good content, because nowadays ranking is not all about content. Content will continue to lord the digital arena but in a cultivated way.

Voice Searches:

With the generation going faster and running out of patience for everything; people, especially youth, need answers to the queries without having the need of typing. To carry out this expectation, voice search is picking up the trend. Survey reports show that 57 % teens would like to do voice search when they are with friends, while for adults it is around 24 %.

The Need of Interactive Content:

Content varies from website to website, for content can be impactful, banal, or can be interactive too. So, businesses publishing B2B or B2C content for greater conversion ratio must focus on interactive content. Provision for comment, review and rate attributes to interactive content. These aspects can help businesses to gauze the sentimental depths of consumers towards products and services being used by them. This way a business can work out its marketing and branding strategies. Content on social sites and blogging platforms gains much importance than on any other platform. Effective and relevant keywords can make the content interactive, not loads of words. Clearly, from keywords to voice search to content interaction a lot has been changing in SEO trends and techniques to meet the needs of the world.

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