What are the Popular Programming Languages of the World

It takes a lot to become a world-class code master. Other than knowing your coding language, one must also gather knowledge about the world’s top programming languages to gain optimum versatility of the subject. Companies run a desperate search to find website programmers, who are fluent in coding languages. Here goes a countdown for the popular programming languages of the world that are often demanded by IT companies.


It is the most admired language among programmers which can be used for server-oriented applications to mobile apps to video games. It provides groundwork for android app development. Because of its salient feature – WORA –it runs easily on multiple software platforms. Other than being portable, it’s a friendly language famous for a long time. Therefore, companies always hire web programmers who are expert at this language to make great android apps.


It’s the world’s simplest coding language. Its libraries can be used for many things like from designing web pages to data analysis. That’s why it is often referred as one-in-all store. The easiest programming language to learn is Python, for it has simple and direct syntaxes. Python shot into fame when Google invested in it. This language is prevalent in many US schools. WordStream, Instagram and Pinterest – are all routed through Python.


Not to be confused with Java – they aren’t brothers – in fact they are separate and different like two strangers. It’s present everywhere on Internet – so it is a favorite among website developers. If interactive elements are to be added on websites, then developers can do that easily with JavaScript. Navigational functions or dynamic websites are designed on JavaScript. Since it is ever-present on internet, companies and firms more than often require Java Script talent, thus to get the best profiles they freelance web programming jobs on service portals.


Technically known as ‘C sharp’ and ‘C hash tag’ for social media optimizers. Apps for Microsoft are being designed with this language. C# is one and the same like Java – Syntactically. People working on Microsoft apps can’t do without it. If one knows Java, then learning C# becomes easier.


PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor. It’s a widely used open-source scripting language for web developers. Facebook and WordPress are two giant sites which are built on PHP. PHP scripts are put on servers; generally PHP is good for heavy, data-laden websites. By adding functionalities web pages are enhanced – this enhancement can only be done through PHP.  It is well-suited on today’s all servers like IIS, Apache, etc. Moreover it can be made to run on different platforms like UNIX, Linux, Windows, etc. Being an open source is a vantage point, for it does offer number of prebuilt modules. Thus, companies hire web programmers who further use and test these modules to get the most ultimate results.


To foster database programming, one needs SQL. It’s a database query language than core coding. When web developers need to sort the huge database requirements and its attendant query nature, they need to soak hands in SQL. Though this language is not used solely, but it helps others to make the final product. On many websites database interaction takes place – and all that is done with the help of SQL – its specialty is playing with database layers. It plays a crucial role in database management.


C is easier than the previous complex languages: Java and C#. This language is the first choice for embedded system, tiny works, and for low-level applications. C language is quite old and structured. Nowadays programmers do not use it much. It can be used for network drivers, spreadsheets, interpreters.

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