How Can I Write a Clean Code as a Front End Developer?

Apart from programming languages and job training, many still fail to write code cleanly and attractively. However, follow the below tips and you may succeed in writing a code like an artist.

  • Know your programming languages. You should be able to know which coding languages you know like an expert, and in what you struggle a bit.
  • Choose a useful editor or IDE. Choose the best that suits your programming language expertise. If confused, do some trial and error, mostly IDEs are free to use.
  • Keep practice coding!
  • Make use of beautifier tools! Make proper indentation.
  • Comment on every section and block of your code.
  • Use Git as version control system, it lets you watch and control code brilliantly.

In addition to the basic, yet common advice, you may also consider the following:

  • Get good knowledge about CSS frameworks, it will help in better web designing and hands on practice on a gamut of tools. You may consider frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, MaterialUI, Bulma, Undernet, etc.
  • To add more logic to your CSS or basic web designing, it is advisable to use CSS preprocessors like LESS or SASS. They can be efficiently use for functions, mixins, operations, etc.
  • Get grasp over JS libraries to have more expertise about standard functionalities. There are plenty of available, try learning JQuery, Util, dojox, and much more.
  • Follow what UX and UI field experts say about user experience.

Hope this helps you! Do comment what you think?

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