Someone Started a New Blog. What is some common yet basic Advice for These New Bloggers?

Good! You just started a blog and thinking of making the most since your first post. Well, just heed on the below given advice and you will begin seeing results way sooner than you expected.

  • Use catchy headlines with one or two keywords in it. Check the headline on Google and from the footer get more similar ideas for making an incredible title.
  • Do some basic keywords research as per your niche? For instance, this post is aimed to help people with basic blogging advice, so I would try to include blogger tips and so on. Always recommendable to do basic keyword research before writing a blog.
  • Make strong back links to have the initial traffic. Initially, start with commonly available sites like Quora, Medium, Facebook, and so on.
  • Even if you are on a blogger or WordPress, kindly use a good template or theme. It should look clean and easy to perceive. Don’t make it a clutter. Simplicity sells online – always remember.
  • If possible, while posting a blog put some meta tags, search description, and rename the images. It is part of On Page SEO – it means within the website. Don’t take any purchased subscription initially for keywords or reports. Just focus on basics.
  • Use images and videos it will engage the readers. Images make a lot of sense and sound appealing to all.
  • Use social media marketing, which means to promote your website through social media. You should definitely use platforms such FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, etc.
  • Get your website enrolled into Google Search Console, though Google picks up the original content automatically. While blogging on blogger/BlogSpot, make use of robot tag and robot.txt.
  • Don’t be obsessed with ads or money. Just focus on content and blogging does take time. Try to put as many as blog posts as possible. Be consistent.
  • Don’t get into Google Adsense or any other ad program initially, as if there wouldn’t be much click rate of ads on your website with less traffic.

Hope this helps you in your blogging journey!

One comment

  1. Thanks for these tips! I have been blogging for quiet sometime but haven’t really engaged myself into the community. I wanted to grow my followers but don’t know why. I guess this time, I will do my best to be more active and make my blog more alive so I can inspire more people to visit my site as well.


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